In this busy life… How do you follow all the programs, shows and web series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar etc?

I rarely find time to watch a full season. You might think I belong to the old generation and I am not up to date. But believe me, I have never watched a single episode of GOT. I see people getting super excited when an episode of GOT releases. I have few friends who set alarm to watch the upcoming episode which is expected to be released by 6:30 AM (IST) Even the admin of The mood recipesSamar, is one of the guys who do such things.

I literally don’t know who Jon Snow is and what character is he playing in the web series. I see people not sleeping properly to watch the episode – exactly at that time when the episode is released. They do such things because they don’t want to hear the story from someone else. Otherwise, the craze will be gone. If by chance they are stuck somewhere or busy with some work and they are unable to watch the episode on the same day…..they are afraid of THE SPOILERS.

Same is the case with the recently released movie Avengers: The End Game. (might be a spoiler ahead)

People have booked first-day first show to watch the movie. The craze is so high that all the shows on the first day were house full. Few of the theatres in Kolkata has run a 24-hour show, I have never seen such craze in young generation for a movie. I have seen few of my friends going for a show at 5:45 am in the morning. Such is the craze of this movie. My Facebook feed is full of check-ins of my friends who have gone to watch this movie.

I am not saying that this craze is a bad thing, but overreactions should not be there. (P.S. I might be wrong here)

My friends have suggested me to watch GOT as well as AVENGERS but who will start from the beginning. 8 seasons of GOT and three phases of Avengers – starting from captain America, captain marvel, hulk, iron man, Thor …….. Till the last part Avengers: The End Game. Superheroes died, superpowers exchanged, Hulk did not change… I have heard all these things… But who has that much time? Life is already full of challenges; the heart has already been broken down twice (breakups). I don’t want to break my heart once again after seeing Tony Stark – The Iron Man, dying.

That’s all for now…. Take care all of you. I will be back soon. With another blog a different day. Comment a special reason on why should I watch GOT or Avengers from the beginning? What’s your reason for it?