It’s been over 6 Years that I have been sleeping mostly when most of the people start for their work. I don’t know about others, but I find it quite funny when I see people leaving for work while I’m on my way back. I never found it straining or unhealthy working during nights. In fact, it’s fun working during the night when the whole world is sleeping.

People asked me how to do I keep up with my health during such working hours. Some think that it could be an addiction of Cigarettes or Coffee that keeps you going all night without sleep. Well! That could be the case for some people. However, in my case, things have been different. I just made sure that I consider the time I wake up as Morning for me. The meal that I consume after I wake up is my breakfast, be it whatever time. So, the food I have in between my shifts are like my lunch, brunch and dinner. By the time I reach home after my work, I’m again ready to sleep and that does not affect my health.
Moreover I work out a lot and consume proteins so that helps a lot in maintaining a better health.


People misunderstand gymming to be a session where you’re supposed lift heavy weights and train like a muscle maniac but that’s something which is followed by people who have a competition due or are fitness models. Like I’ve said before, my body is not my source of income, so I do not need to stress much on that. Working out for me is like meditation and I lift just normal weights to be fit and avoid unnecessary injuries. If you’re not into gymming then you can do things that helps you, example Yoga, Meditation, cycling (one of my favorites) and even Swimming (If you have a pool available). There’s no limit here.

Lastly, there’s one thing that has always kept me going during night shifts. It not only helps me keep up with my health, lately it has also helped me cut down on unneeded fats and boosts up my mood. It’s not some sort of medicine or supplement. Its Water. I guess you’ll find that everywhere quite easily. There’s no struggle while consumption too. So, if you’re working in Nights then try consuming 4-5 liters of water a day and you will see yourself in one of the best shape of your career.

Hope that helped! ?
Cheers! Shift starts now! ?