Well well well!!
Attention reader!This blog is not a review on our most favourite author’s famous novel. Neither this blog is gonna be any fiction with a thrilling end to it.
This blog is the REALITY!

Be it a new start up or an MNC, if you are working in a call center there will be few things in common which you can not really deny. Though nowadays, one just do not take calls in call centers. Technologies are improvised and the method of communication has been vast. Bots are taking calls, agents are taking chats, handling email. So, somehow the situation has improved. The work pressure is there for sure. Tell me, if you wanna grow, be it in any field, you have to take pressure right?

But the society has been more accepting nowadays, the number of call centers has gone high and so is the volume of agents. Whether, one will agree or not, as it’s an individual’s decision, getting a good job is not that easy nowadays as most of the private company(and not call centers) will ask you for experience, call centers gives you the liberty to start up your career. As a fresher, you can give a kick start to your career. Whether you come from a family that needs financial support immediately after you have completed your 12th, or you are from a rich family but don’t wanna join your dad’s business but somehow not really good with studies, these call centers are going to save you.

Take example of mine!
I am a B.Tech graduate from a not so good college and I am the one who will never sit back at home stating that I am preparing for Govt. service. Well no offence to anyone, as it’s my own decision that I HATE GOVERNMENT JOBS and never felt like getting into any. Yes! I had people who told me that it’s just an excuse and I am scared as I can’t clear the entrance, but dude, I never really care, I did not even give a try cause I don’t want to. All what I wanted is to be a corporate lady. Yes, I did not ever think of working in a call center but somehow I ended up working in that only. Yes, I tried getting into technologies but they did not take fresher. My Bad! Now tell me where do I go! Well! I was lucky to manage to get into an MNC as a customer support executive. Thankfully, I did not get selected for a calling process and was taken into the chat queue. Phewww!! I started working, and yes, it was a night shift.
Trust me every single moment you will undergo work pressure, you will fear losing your job, but then it was me who has chosen this life and that’s the thrill that you will slowly start enjoying. You will see all kind of people, like people who really needs the job to support family, you will see people who has an ambition to actually grow in the industry, you will see people who needs some money to get something for himself, and so the job is temporary. Moreover, you will see all kind of graduates, undergraduate, post graduate , freshers and experienced and irrespective of their qualification they are under the same roof. Someday you will get a lot of appreciation and someday BANG! Your manager is gonna eat up your head. All that matters is the scores and numbers. Its a number game. The more good numbers you have, the ball is in your court.

Some people can manage everything and grows but some quit.
Yes, I quit my first job, but well, I did not quit the industry. I am still working in a call centers and still not taking calls. All what I hope is that I will grow here and will prove everyone that working in this industry still make you a Better Person everyday.