Do you know anyone who writes?

If yes –

“Never fall in love with a writer”

Some days he’s gonna hide his feelings.

Some days he’s gonna ink down his deep secrets.

You’ll never come to know, which one is a confession and which one is just a piece of art.

Never fall in love with a writer. 2

I am a writer myself. I write poems, blogs, quotes (Shayari) and anything which pops up in my mind.

Never fall in love with a writer. 3

One of my piece of art –

“We are two different souls

Loving two different people

You trying to find him in me

I trying to find her in you

Can we call it love?”


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Sometimes a writer will hide the most important thing from you…. Just because the writer wants to surprise you. A writer can surprise the partner by a poem or by a quote or via a blog or he/she might have a different plan ( a special one ) like a dinner date or by delivering a speech on stage etc etc

Never fall in love with a writer. 4

But it might create trouble as well.

I always get in trouble for not sharing an important thing with my loved one on an immediate basis because I have got different plans on how to share it with her later.


Recently I got my promotion in the office for which i was waiting since 4 years .. And I wanted to surprise her by taking her to a dinner date. The place where we were supposed to go was a restaurant in which they arrange events on special occasions. I had a plan of arranging an event where she’s gonna see me performing and listen to my poems which I wrote for her. And I will also invite our parents to the occasion.

Once the restaurant gets booked, I was planning to buy a ring for her and propose her to marry me in front of the parents. I was planning all of this in my mind and was supposed to go to the restaurant for bookings and arrangements this weekend.

Never fall in love with a writer. 5

However, she got to know about my promotion from a common friend before my plan got executed and now I was in trouble.

Never fall in love with a writer. 6

I was unable to explain it to her about my plan because I was yet to book the restaurant and I have yet not called the parents. That’s why I had to write this blog to convince her. It’s been 7 days she’s not talking with me. She thinks that I am making some kind of story as I always do… But believe me, this is not a story or any sort of excuse… I hope she gets convinced after reading this post.

That’s it for now.  Good bye, love and peace. I’ll be back soon.



Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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