Previously: When will I get married?


My marriage drama continues:

I hope you guys must have read how much melo-dramatic has become the topic of “my marriage”.

The drama continues, I am sure it will continue till I get married. So here is the update:

A few days back one aged lady visited my home, not my parental home in Kolkata , but the small nest I built in Hyderabad.

She entered the house: Ohh daughter you have kept the house so clean and perfect.
Me: Thank you aunty!
Inside me : Lady I cleaned it because of your unwanted visit. I have thrown away the alcohol bottles and almost emptied one room-freshener.

She looked at various things, the way I have kept them in places and scrutinized many other things as well. That night she slept off.

—Next day:
Me: Good morning aunty, you have slept a lot, here is your bed tea. (Fake smile on my face)
Inside me : When will you leave, you snored like a mucus clotted pig yesterday and did not allow me to sleep.
She had the tea, and started to talk so much, I felt she just got her vocal cord back and she was speechless for a decade.

I went to my office in search of silence.

— That evening:
I came home, hungry, tummy making funny noises, and I found she made simple food, rice-daal-potato (smashed )

The moment I started to eat she started her vocal radio. I ignored and ate. She added more than usual amount of salt in the food, but out of courtesy I ate.
She kept on praising herself and I silently washed the dishes when she suddenly asked how the food was!
I mean it is the basic one can cook even hostlers can cook that.

I said it had more than usual amount of salt, but its ok. The moment I found her face turning into something else and she started another radio station, I tried to mute her with my dialogue :

“ At least you cooked and fed me, else I had to boil whatever edible and eat them”.

Inside me: Can you please shut up, and give me space.

Poor inside me not aware of the repercussion of the gestures I was making just to avoid any circumstances.

> The next day she made some authentic food for which I am grateful to her.

She ended up her work, the purpose of visit and now its time to bid bye-bye:

Lady: Get married to my son. You have turned into the ideal daughter-in-law maintaining house hold activities as well as office work. I will talk to your father.

Me: No Aunty, I need time to think about this.

Inside me: Ask your son to propose me in the Hollywood style, along with a diamond ring, then I may think about it.

—- She is after me to get married to her son, as she may lose an ideal daughter in law as per Indian mentality.

The drama should have stopped but no, it suddenly spiked up, when some 30 reaching guys (note plural) ditched by someone, frustrated for some reason, or just need a lady in life being too ashamed to visit red light area, now started proposing me.

Ok those proposals are not that formal or filmy, but yes surely, they are meaning or heading towards – MARRIAGE.

While my mom continues the 1000th episode of the same topic, I suddenly found some reality shows started on the same topic.

Time to test… Will keep you posted on the test results :)

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