This is not a blog but a real love story.  Give it a read.

Is it true? People find it really hard to accept a partner for their life.

Does this happen with you? I find it really hard to accept a girl in my life. How to know if I love the girl or not? Can I be with her for life long? If a girl gets in a relationship with me and starts sharing her secrets with me then, can I call that love?

Let’s suppose I’m in love with someone – but I am scared to share my secrets with her. What if she shares my secrets with someone else? What will happen then? The story will fly from one to another and I have a fear –  what if a relative of mine gets to know about it – that person will definitely say something negative about it to my parents and it will put a stop to my computer classes and tuition.

All these thoughts used to come in my mind 5-6 years ago. These thoughts started changing when I completed my college, joined office and mainly after meeting this girl.

This is a story about me and my super girl. Yes, you are correct. The same super girl about whom I wrote before. You will be able to sync this story with the last post. A Super Girl’s story 

My love story 2

We know each other for more than one year now. We have been playing hide and seek with each other whenever a person used to include the word Love in between our friendship. Somehow after spending some good quality time and knowing everything about each other, I accept her now.

Is it the case – when someone is really in love… The above scary thoughts do not matter.

We can now accept each other in front of the world.

She has changed my thinking a lot and we have grown equally together. There are ups and downs in every relationship. We have also come across that in our one-year of togetherness. Now I am sure that I can spend my whole life with her.

My love story 3

Let me start this from the beginning –

In my office, I was transferred to a different team. I saw this sweet chubby girl working in her desktop. I was amazed by the energy she was putting in while she was speaking with the clients. Her cute and charming voice was enough to flatter me but the dimple on her left cheek literally killed me. I was attracted to her automatically and I wanted to help her in every aspect wherever she needed help.

After 2 days, Rather than going to her manager, she was asking me whenever she needed help.

She was new to the office and I was working there for 2 years. So I almost knew everything. She found me helpful and I just wanted to be her friends.  That’s how it started.

In a week’s time, I got her number. But I was sent back to my previous team because of business requirements. The face to face interactions decreased, however, we started talking over the phone. And after one more week, I proposed her to be my girlfriend. I thought that I was in love with her already but she did not agree to be in a relationship at that point in time.

It was looking like – She was hiding something from me.

We did not talk for a few days because of my stupidity. Different thoughts started to appear in my mind.

I got to know from her colleagues that she lives with her mother and scared of getting in a relationship. Her father died 3 months back.

I wanted to speak to her.

So That night –  I called her, keeping all of my negative thoughts aside.

She told me a few strange things –

  1. She has a fear which is commonly known as Monophobia – once she gets closer to someone that person leaves her alone in this world.
  2. She is a vegetarian just because she loves animals.
  3. She had 2 pet cats – one of which ran away and the other died.
  4. She donates a good amount of money to different people/organisations who take care of street dogs and cats.
  5. She has a dream that she’ll build one hospital for animals. All the street dogs and every other non-wild animal should be cured free of charge.

All of these things I got to know in that phone call.

My love story 4

Not only because of her father’s death but also because her cats left – She was very upset. This might sound stupid to you but this is true. Her love for her cats was beyond infinity.

After these incidents, she had a fear if she starts to love someone the other person will leave her alone after some time.


Believe me, all of this is true.

That night over the call we agreed that we will be friends. We will talk, roam around but we’ll never give a name to our friendship. We do not want to be recognized as boyfriend-girlfriend and this will be pure friendship.

We started our days with good morning calls and used to end it with a good night text. Everything was going perfect.

One day she told me an incident by which I was shocked. I was shocked to hear that she had kissed her previous company’s manager 2 weeks ago and she admires him a lot.

It was shocking to me because I knew which guy she was talking about. I know the guy personally and he is in a relationship with a different girl for 3 years. This means the guy is cheating on her girlfriend.

I could have gone and let her girlfriend know about all this but I did not.

Now my days used to be as If I am trying to prove it to her – how I am better than her previous company’s manager. How he is cheating on her girlfriend and how bad that guy is.

After 2 weeks the talks about her boss gradually decreased and she was now more interested in me.

Now she was interested in my writings, my short love quotes on Instagram.

As you all know – I write poetries and love quotes on Instagram. She asked me one day, for whom do I write all of these…

I shared about my past one-sided love. I shared everything with her honestly and also told that – I still write for her. She was upset about it. She was upset because I told her “I still write for my past one-sided love” So I sensed her feelings for me there.

Now the friendship was getting deeper. It was getting into emotions, drama, feelings everything. In this complex situation – We planned for a movie and a dinner after that, which seemed to be a date for me. Everything went well that day. Everything was going good now. (It’s already 9 months of friendship explained above.)

She got promoted in the office. She was happy about it. I was happy about it. So We planned a night out together for celebrating her success.

We had too much fun along with some alcohol and food obviously. We had the best time ever that night. In the heat of a moment, we even kissed.

Now we knew we are in love with each other. By the way, nothing more happened – just a few kisses.

My love story 5

After this, there were few arguments between us, but we solved it quite beautifully and maturely handling the situation. Love is not only about physical needs. It’s much more than that.

My love story 6

Now after one year of togetherness – we again went out for dinner. This time it was an official date. It was very special to me. The girl proposed to me to be her boyfriend and her life partner. I obviously accepted her and now I am sure whatever happens – we will be together forever. I helped her to overcome the fear of being alone. I am happy to share this with the world. Those old generation questions do not matter to me now. She is mine and we are together now for the rest of our lives.

My love story 7

Yes, now I write for her. Mostly I write in Hindi. But this one is a special quote which I wrote for her –


Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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