I have many experiences with the supernatural in my life. I have shared one of them with you guys before. I am going to share another one today. This is a terrible experience in my life till now. Or I will say the closest combat with a supernatural entity.

I have moved to the city of Bangalore in the year 2015. Still, now I am staying and working in the same city. We 3 friends have moved together to this city. In 2015 when we moved to this city, we 3 used to stay together in a rented 1 BHK apartment. I started sensing some negative energies around, after moving to this apartment. Such as things moving from their places on their own. A chill or cold spot in few places of the apartment. Electricity and water issues without any reason.

As this was a 1 BHK apartment, hence it has 1 hall, 1 Bedroom, Kitchen and 2 bathrooms. As soon as you enter the house you will find the hall and the bedroom door opposite the main door. On the right of the main door, a big window and to the left 2 cupboards, a mirror and kitchen. On the left to the kitchen bathroom, opposite to the bathroom another big window. Another bathroom in the bedroom. As my other 2 friends are couple hence they occupied the bedroom and the hall was occupied by me.

As we were new to the city hence, we haven’t bought beds, we bought the mattresses and we used to sleep on the floor on the mattresses. Later the couple bought a bed that was there in the bedroom. My friends took a Labrador puppy in after 2 months of moving to the city. Her name is Candy. She is the cutest thing ever happened in my life till now. She used to stay with me all the time. She used to sleep in my bed, used to demand from me and protect me from all unnatural things.

Every night during a particular time, Candy used to get up and circle around my bed thrice after that she used to keep one her paw on my head and guard. Her eyes to used to follow something which I could never see. This was the routine every night. Her reaction used to be followed by some scratchs on the other side of the wall near my bed. If we used to keep any leftover food from the morning it used to get spoiled by evening or afternoon, which is a big sign of the presence of an supernatural being. 

I have seen a greyish face standing behind me in the mirror a couple of times. One of my friends have seen the same thing too and he freaked out. One fine Sunday morning I was cleaning the mirror in hall, which is fixed next to the kitchen wall. It is placed in such a way that you can see the entire room in the mirror if you are facing it, including the bathroom door. So while cleaning the mirror I saw a reflection of a pair of legs standing behind me as if someone has just come out of the bathroom. Water was dripping from those legs. I thought it’s my friend, so I did not bother to look at the face. Next second I hear my friend’s voice from the bedroom’s bathroom. Which was nearly impossible as I have seen those legs standing behind me. So I called up to my friend and asked if she had come to this bathroom and she denied. It is then I realised that those legs were grey, no later than that I felt a chill and goosebumps in my entire body. The realisation of the fact that how close that entity was standing to me have given ma a chill.

My friend’s (girl’s) parents visited us to that house. As they were not fond of dog. Hence, they used to occupy the bedroom and we 3 friends with Candy used to sleep in the hall. In between those days, the girl has fallen sick and had a high fever so we asked her to sleep in the room in the bed with her mom until she get well again. So it was only me and then another friend (boy) used to sleep in the hall.

One night, everyone was asleep apart from me. I was playing games on my mobile sitting on my matteress. The guy was sleeping next to me in his matteress. We had a distance of at least 2 feet between us. In the meantime, I see the window curtain was moving. I looked at the mirror to find one human figure standing behind the window curtain. As the lights were off hence, I could not see any face or anything. I could only see the reflection in the dim street light, coming from the window. When I looked at the window directly, I found nothing.  But in the mirror, I could see the humanoid figure. So I understood the situation and I decided to lie down in my bed.

After 5- 10 mins of lying down in the bed I found someone’s ticking on my feet. I wake up to find Candy asleep between me and my friend near our head. So it was something else. I tried to sleep again and felt a hand tickling and running its fingers on my legs. So I covered myself with a blanket. After some time I found that my blanket has been pulled off and thrown in a different direction. I took my blanket back and tried to sleep but the same thing happened again. So I tugged the blanket around me so that to avoid getting pulled off.

Now it started pulling my toes and legs. When I asked this thing to stop doing these non-senses then it stopped for some time. I believe after half an hour or so, it pulled my pillow. As a result, my head hit the mattress and it hurt me. So I sat and yelled at whatever that thing was. As I was not able to see it hence I yelled looking at every direction. But I couldn’t find anything I was waiting for another action from it. I fall asleep after 45 minutes of waiting. I am not aware for how long I have been asleep, but I felt something pulled me towards my right and I was hanging in the middle of the room on air with my pillow, blanket and mattress. As if someone is holding me up. And within a few seconds it has thrown me down in a way that my head and chest was on my friend’s bed and rest was diagonally towards the kitchen.

Which hurt me bad. I was not able to turn my head as I had a sprain in my neck. I woke my friend up and told him everything, who was shocked to see me falling on him from the roof. It took him some time to understand what has actually happened. Candy woke up by this time. She circled around us thrice and then put her one paw on my lap and started looking at something in the corner of the room, which corner was giving us the chill So I took candy in my lap. She started licking my face to comfort me as she was aware of the situation and the impact of it. We did not sleep for the rest of the night as we were unable to sleep and I was crying with the pain. We did not tell anything to another friend or her parents.

I left that house and moved to a hostel next week after the incident. My friends continue to stay at the same house until the girl broke her ankle. After that, they moved one floor above of the same house. We have some more experiences at the other house too (the house above that apartment). I will share those stories later sometime. This was one of the most painful encounters in my life. I am not sure how many of you will believe in my story, but this is a real story of my life. Sharing for the first time with you guys. Let me know your views.

I am an different girl trying to blend in this normal world. Been addressed as "abnormally" normal. My ideas and imagination are out of this world but that's my world and I here to share my world, ideas and views with you all. This is my safe place to show my creativity.