Recently I was at this supermarket when I bumped into this guy who looked quite familiar to me. I tried recollecting and remembered that he was the boyfriend of the girl I was dating previously. Funny thing is that she dated me while being in a relationship with him. Yep! That’s bad. But even guys do that so its quite ok if a girl does that. We had a huge fight after I got to know about her relationship but we made up over time and were on talking terms now. I noticed that her boyfriend also kept looking at me maybe trying to figure out who I was. So I just went to him and started speaking with him.

“Jay?” I just asked him.
“Yup! Do I know you?” He said looking at me.

“I guess.. Me and your girlfriend worked in the same company. So that’s how I know you. Seen lot of your pics on Facebook.” I said making sure that he doesn’t gets to know the actual story because I didn’t wanted to spoil their relationship.
“Oh! You worked with Appy?” He asked me and I just nodded my head in agreement.

“Btw shes no more my girlfriend. We broke up after she moved to Delhi. Moreover I know you guys just didn’t ‘worked’ together so stop acting up.” He told me and was quite okay about the fact.

“I’m sorry to hear that man! I never knew initially that you two were a couple and it got a bit late by the time I found out but had maintained my distance since then making sure that I don’t screw up things further.” I tried clarifying from my end.
He just laughed it off and said I don’t need to apologize and it wasn’t my fault in the first place. “I have been cheated multiple times by her and turned blind eye for a while but once I caught her red handed, I realized how stupid I was.” he added looking extremely upset and heartbroken.
“Indeed you were! No worries. Sh*t happens. Even I felt bad in the beginning till I realized its not worth feeling bad over someone like her. I’m sure she won’t be regretting things shes done with you. So even you’re not supposed to feel bad now.” I just tried consoling him.
“Thanks man! Nice meeting you anyways. Btw you said you’ve seen our pics all over Facebook then what took you so long to realize that we were in a relationship?” He asked me.

I just let him know “Her relationship status was ‘Single’ and when I asked about the pictures, she said you two were college besties. I didn’t know your name till I started digging things myself. Prior to that whenever she received a call from you around me she said it was her Brother.” 😶

He actually started laughing to that. “You were introduced me as her Manager till Riya told me the truth about you.” he informed me.
“Master of Manipulation!” I said and we both laughed things off, shook hands and went our ways.

However I really felt bad for him. I had only dated this girl for a month but he had been in a relationship with her for 4 long years and have been cheated on multiple times. I still remember the sadness on his face when I met him and it was quite bad. I’m not demeaning girls here. This was something that happened with me which unfortunately involved a girl. I have seen guys cheat too but since that never involved me, it never affected me so much. It could happen to any of us and its something none of us deserve. Every relationship have a time period and once the time is up, even the relationship is over. So instead of cheating on your partner and making them go through such a bad phase, its much better to confront them and end things on a better note. Cheating is always a choice. Never an Option. But confronting and ending things in the right way is the right way.

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