“Do you workout regularly?”
“Do you take all that Whey Powders?”
“Hey its all steroid. Its not good for health!”

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard this BS from people around. A lady also told me not to consume protein powders because “I don’t like all that!”
Excuse me?? Its my body and my protein. What has my consumption got to do with your likeness?? Even if you try to educate people, they’re too stubborn upon their own opinion.
I say this with complete bluntness that “If you are of the opinion that Whey Protein is Steroid or Working out makes Women look Manly or You need to maintain certain level of diet in order to loose weight or you need no gym if you’re skinny then my friend you’re the biggest fool ever.”

Muscle and Misconception 2

Yeah! Thats all mine.❤

Firstly, (in bold caps & underlined) WHEY PROTEIN IS NOT A STEROID but a supplement. To put it in a layman’s language, when you workout, you tend to break down your muscles. Post workout your muscles need some source of nutrition to recover. Whey protein fills that nutrition and repairs your muscles giving all the needed nutrition. If not taken then your muscles start consuming nutrients from other parts of your body and you might experience issues like joint pains and soreness for a long time. Apart from that supplements also helps keep your hairs and nails in a better quality. In a much more simpler explanation, just like you need food after working and straining all day, your muscles need food after working and straining post workout. However it requires limited consumption because over consumption might lead to excess weight gain or bloating which is again manageable. Theres no permanent damage or side affects you suffer because of taking whey protein. First timers are advised to consult a specialist before taking any such supplement for better results.

Muscle and Misconception 3

Secondly, working out does not makes a woman look like a man. It makes her much more beautiful, active and confident. Just going for cardio workouts and not doing weights at all actually depletes the muscles in your body which affects you at older age. Moreover since girls are too fond of eating nowadays, working out regularly helps increase your diet without getting fat. Try Crossfits and that won’t let you get fat if worked-out correcctly.

Muscle and Misconception 4

That back!❤

If working out makes a woman look like a man then does being skinny makes a man look like a woman? I’ve heard guys say that they’re already thin and don’t need to workout and the one who believe so actually look like a skinny schoolgirl. However thats not the case at all. What they don’t understand is that theres a difference between being thin and being athletic. Being thin or skinny is a sign of having a weaker immune system. Everyone needs gym in one way or other. If not gym then atleast an outdoor sport. Thats my brother there proudly showing you the difference between thin and athletic.👇👇👇

Muscle and Misconception 5

Happy Birthday once again Saifuuuuu!!😘😘

Lastly, I’ve heard a lot of people making new year resolutions about loosing weight, dieting, quiting smoking and boozing(which is good) and not eating fast food. The good news is that if you’re just a common guy looking to get fit, you do not need to do any of these. Look at my pic here👇👇👇

Muscle and Misconception 6

I’m good na??😬😬

This is not how I used to look. Check this one out too.👇👇👇

Muscle and Misconception 7

Fat Lesbo!😛

Here’s the transformation once again.👇👇👇

Muscle and Misconception 8

Don’t mind my weird clothes.😝

Theres honestly no inspirational or cry-baby story I have behind my weight loss. Ofcourse I don’t like being called fat and that motivated me to workout but theres no extreme situation where I cried over being fat or puked while working out in order to loose weight (only puked while trying crossfits for the first time). I accept that I’m not one of those muscular guys that you see in movies or in WWE but I don’t need to be like any of them. I’m just a common guy who works at an MNC as a Technical Associate. I have no plans of competing in Mr.Olympia next month. I just want to maintain the body I have, look good in whatever I wear (or even naked😋) and eat whatever I like. If you’re one of those guys who live a life like me then theres no need to starve or regret not eating that pizza with your friends. A strict workout and diet plan is only needed when you need to get ready for a competetion, photoshoot, movie or if you suffer obesity. Just regular workout an hour for a day will help you get a good body even if your waiste mesures 40inches. I consume whey post my workout and eat whatever I like and I’m doing good. I love to workout and keep switching my routines between weight traing, crossfits and HIIT. I mean its your life and it never came with any rule book. So why follow some stupid diet plan or live with limits. Go out there and eat whatever you like. Just make sure you burn them correctly and regularly by killing atleast one muscle routine 5days a week.

Stay healthy! Cheers!✌