The name of the post is kinda weird, right? I thought to make this as the last line but reading the post, you will understand the reason.

Grammar-nazis the heading is not a typo, please move on.

I am in my twenties, so I am not that old, but I think modern day Love is not felt from the heart but calculated with the calculator. I will give you some examples to show why.

The most important question for any boy looking for a long-term commitment or marriage, is how much do you earn? I completely understand that money is one of the most important to live a happy life, oh sorry, luxurious life. People now-a-days are so calculative, that few girls calculate the amount of Alimony she could claim, if she gets divorced LATER. Few Hypocrites (who are against dowry), call it future planning, I call it advanced technique of robbing someone’s hard work and savings.

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Another important question, that comes up for any girl looking for a long-term commitment or marriage, is what’s your waist size? some Investigators want to know the complete measurements. Well, I am a full-time supporter of gender equality, so the same question comes for the boys, do you have six pack abs?  Well, that’s completely personal and I don’t want to comment on that, but the question is even if a boy/girl is having the perfect figure and shape, what’s the guarantee, s/he will be the same after 2 years (in case if you are planning a long-term relationship). The question is, are you looking for a life partner or Ms/Mr World?
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Next question that comes up for the (Asian) boys, will you stay with your parents after marriage? This question is having a special place in my heart. Some girls will come up with the logic, If I can come to stay with you why not you? The simple answer is, if you want to come, please come to stay after marriage, or simply say a NO, no one is holding a gun to your head for answering yes. But why stay with your partner or debate wasting a whole lot of energy and intelligence (which may be present in negligible amount).

Another important question, for the girls is, can you complete all the house hold work without any help? It is important for the girls to know household work is important but going completely dependent on her after marriage is what is trending now-a-days. Here’s a confusion is that the wife or long-term relationship that they are looking for or some maid for work.

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Next important question, that comes up is about ex-partners. There are various kind of questions that comes up. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or boy, you should be ready to face some weird questions which will result in super awkward questions. How many partners did you have, what kind of relationship you had, did you get physical with him/her, why did you leave him/her and all other questions, which is not at all related to the present or future.

Next question that comes up is about a girl’s virginity. Are you a virgin? That’s one of the most common question, you girls have come across and I am pretty sure, that you wanted to punch straight in the face. Hymen is one of the most important part in the relationship. Fuck trust and bonding, those are old school. Hymen is the new trend. I don’t know, if I am the only one who finds it super awkward or even uncomfortable to ask someone I love if the hymen is intact or not. I am still trying to figure out what exactly is the connection between a happy relationship and Hymen. If you guys have the answer, please let me know.

Another important question, that comes up is do you have friends who are of opposite sex? If you are a girl/boy and you are friends with opposite sex, you are fucking screwed and you just ruined your chance in getting settled down with a star-fuck. If you have a best friend from opposite sex, then be ready for an FBI/CBI level of investigation with your partner. Previously I was in such a relationship, and I really know how it feels to be in a questionnaire like this. On top of that, the famous dialogues like, if you are not wrong, you don’t need to worry. Each word that comes out of your mouth is used and will be used against you, till the end of the Universe.

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Another important question, that comes up is do you go for late night clubbing/parties? This is very important question if you are a girl and you are appearing for this exam or evaluation. If you are up for late night parties and clubbing, you just lose a chance to become a good life partner or a good wife. I have trouble understanding this question as well, what is the link between the life partner qualities and clubbing or partying.

Another important question, that comes up is what about working after marriage? Apparently if you are a girl, you will have to leave your career that you built with your hard work and sweat, why? Because you must prove it to your in-laws that choosing you was the right decision and you are ready to sacrifice anything to prove that you are very good with everything, especially with anything where the boy’s family and their comfort is in question.

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Now, if you close your eyes, and think logically for a minute, these questions will appear completely out of context, illogical and high level stupid question when comparing with a long-term relationship or marriage. You need to ask yourself are those really needed? But important questions about honesty, commitment are not even considered.

You may call me a time traveler, who traveled from past, but this is what I think: There is something messed up with our generations relationships and marriages. I am no one to judge, but there are not only room for improvements, but you can say a whole there’s place for whole city of improvements.

If you love someone, s/he may be fat, chubby, huge waist, middle or lower case, what does that have to do anything with your commitment? If someone is super rich today, it is not at all guaranteed that same amount of wealth will be there after 5 years, same goes with all the super hit questions. I know these sounds like a lecture or some lines copied from a platonic love poem, but that’s how life is, and the way I love it.

Feeling frustrated to express your point of view, or have you come across of any such questions, which literally made you think Thanos was right? Comments section is open just for you my friend.

I am the founder & admin of TheMoodRecipes. I am an IT professional, working for a multinational company. I always wanted a platform to express my views, motivate others and help others figure out the issues, without any restriction or fabrications.