Italians, in my opinion, are lovely people but there are many misconceptions about them.

Everybody realizes that misconceptions and generalizations are not in every case genuine, yet not many truly see how perilous would they be able to be: in the event that you expect something that doesn’t exist, it can cause cumbersome circumstances! Here I have 13 common misconceptions about Italians.

1: Italians eat only Pasta, Meatballs and Pizza
Yes, they eat it but I also know Italians who eat more green vegetables than me. But I also know Americans and Indians who love and eat pasta, pizza, and meatballs more than Italians.

2: Italians are way too loud
Italians are actually really loud when they speak, but all Italians are not loud. However, I have seen people in other countries speaking louder than Italians while talking.

3: Italian men are womanizers
The facts demonstrate that Italians are open in demonstrating their affections. All the kissing and the embracing. There are times when I can’t traverse an adventure without in any event observing one open presentation of love where the person pulls the young lady’s hand and kissing it, kissing the young lady, embracing the young lady and others.
Also, commonly in the event that you are a lady and strolling alone, a once in a lifetime opportunity you’ll have an Italian man playing with you. They’ll back off deferentially however in the event that you are not intrigued.

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4: Italians always use their hands while talking
Yes, they do but it is basically a kind of gesture they do while talking and that too not way much.

5: Italians have huge families
Not only Italians, Indians, Saudi Arabians, Pakistanis too have huge families.

6: Italians are aggressively flirtatious
I am 26 y/o and I have visited 38 countries till now but if you had told this to me 4 and half years ago I would have agreed to it. I agree that Italian people are damn great flirts but they are also incredibly friendly and noble-hearted. I have Italian friends who are flirts however I additionally have friends from Italy who hardly flirt. I mean in the event that you have been to Italy you will concur with me that Italian people are incredibly gorgeous yet any attractive individual from any nation takes focal points of their great looks. I have seen Americans, British’s and certain Indians flirting way more aggressively than them. Can’t just accuse Italians.

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7: All Italians are connected to Mafia
Wrong! In the event that that was valid, there would not be any purpose behind individuals to buckle down, get talented and perhaps choose to move. They would all be at their mum’s home.

8: Italian men hide their relationship status
Some do and some don’t. Not all Italians like wearing wedding rings, or keep any other signs of marriage! You’ll have no clue about an Italian man’s relationship or marital status until his significant other comes to smack you in the face!

9: Italian men are good in doing all kitchen stuff
They are just great cooks, as per dishes are concerned you gotta do it on your own.

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10: Italy is all about Christianity
No. Albeit Italy is one of the nations where everything began, today the nation is a blend of realism, superstition, and customary religiosity. Think about that just 25-30% of Italians go to a congregation at any rate once every year. Just 2% are fervent Christians.

11: Italians are romantic and passionate
False: you can without a doubt still discover a few men speaking to this classification on the Italian domain. Be that as it may, they are ceasing to exist. So think about that gathering one while in the midst of some recreation is pretty much proportionate to winning the lottery.

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12: Italian men hardly get committed.
This issue is with men in every country. And Italian men do get committed. If they truly love you they will get committed.

13: One-night stand concept was invented for and by the Italian men.
Seriously? If you truly believe this you should spend a month in Italy. They are really good folks.

Before I wrap up this post quick info.

Try to make an Italian boy upset, and see what we mean here by an angry Italian mother, girlfriend or wife! Italians are aggressive but only when required, but aren’t then people from all over the world are aggressive at some point of time and for certain reason? And yes Italians are indeed very good lovers as well. 

By the way, who the heck invented pineapple on pizza…..?

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