People say timing is everything and I hate to admit that yes, they are right sometimes.

By wrong time, I mean the situation might not be favorable, the place where you met might not permit or you are not ready for a relationship. There can be multiple reasons for it, the conclusion is you will not be able to settle down with the one you love.

Some people might argue, that there’s nothing like wrong time or wrong person, it all depends on the person, if he is wrong, he will just make an excuse for not standing up for it. This is one of the classic examples of being an ignorant piece of junk, and the worst part, you will find these people everywhere.

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However, I am not justifying that everyone who ends a relationship or doesn’t settle down is correct, but yes, judging someone without knowing the both sides of the story aren’t the right thing to do.

To conclude the right person, whom we meet the wrong time, is a wrong person, but blaming the person without knowing the situation is simply a judgmental statement and it could be injurious for health in some cases.

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Here are some of the issues and struggle which people going through this will understand:

I can’t say there’s a proper way out of this, but yes, these would ease the situation and will help you in this hard time.

It can solve almost every issue in a relationship. When two or more people speak, lot of things get clear. When you realize the situation, the first thing you should do is honestly discuss the current situation with the person involved. This will make things lot easier in the future. Both of you will get ample amount of time to discuss things and get it sorted before the person gets serious about it and the time for damage control gets over.

There are always options, for everything and everyone. While not everyone wants options but keeping options open is never a bad idea. You never know what life has to offer; May be something or someone better is waiting for you. You never know.

Most importantly, don’t adjust on your principles.
Just to make sure that you guys will have a chance don’t make any compromise on your principles. There will be people coming to your life and you are going to lose them at a certain point of time, that is how it is supposed to work. It is completely normal. We do everything in our limits to avoid pain and disappointment, but there will be situations where we will have to face it. Embrace it.

Continue only with friendship.
This is basically the most used, confused and easy option for many people. Keeping the other person as a friend keep the option open and there are chances that in future you guys could go together where time and situations are favorable. However, it will completely depend upon the other person, if s/he continues to speak to you, keeping the ego aside.

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Make sure that you take an informed and firm decision.
Whatever you decide, be it keeping in touch with them, being friends or starting a relationship. Make sure that whatever decision you are taking, stick with it. Don’t get confused. You should be ready to take a decision that works for you betterment, it could be hard-hitting or heart-breaking, but that will be good for the future. There should not be any challenge in that. It is an opportunity in our life to learn some lessons and moving on.

The hard part: Moving on
The point of moving on is really very important. Well you don’t have to forget the good memories and the good times you had but you must move on. I know it is very easy saying what needs to be done rather than doing it. The person currently in the situation can understand me very well, the point I am trying to make. You must hold your grounds firmly and make sure, that you are walking towards a stable and better future.

Trust yourself.
You are the best version of yourself. You have achieved so much in your life and trust me friend you will be able to pull yourself from this one as well. I can understand the dilemma, the sense of helplessness and the feeling of being alone all over again. But do not worry, like every problem it has an expiry date. Place the trust in yourself and try to come out of it. Do not think too much about it.

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Take it easy on yourself.
Whenever something bad or complicated happens in our life, we blame ourselves. Somehow or the other, we are guilty in our own minds. All the what about theories and every possible way. So, you need to calm down, and relax, it is not completely your fault. You are a part of it and may be somewhere you are responsible, but that doesn’t make you guilty.

To conclude the post, I would say that not everyone is lucky to get the person whom we love or want to love. We should handle the situation in a matured way. It’s already hard for the person going through it. Instead of judging them and passing comments wouldn’t help.

You were hoping from a long time that you will get a person to lean on to, you were hoping to meet someone with whom you will laugh/cry till you are old, Or Maybe your gallery will be full of the vacation pictures, Or Maybe lying down in her lap till the world stops.

Or Maybe not.

Maybe you got someone who is perfect for you or may be better than you expected, but the time and situation is completely wrong. Maybe you are trying to leave behind the complications and bitterness that comes along with the right person. Maybe you are thinking to let them go praying for their good health and happiness.