We’re all extremely crazy about ice creams. On an approximate value, there are around 26,322 different ice cream flavours in the world. But Kulfi (Or Qulfi as called in Persian Language) is one of the most famous in India. Its an Indian Originated Ice Cream invented in 16th Century during the times of Mughal Rule. According to one of the stories, on a winter night a Mughal Bawarchi (Caterer) had mistakenly over boiled some milk and then had left it out in the open for a long time till it had freezed in the cold weather thinking about what exactly to do with it to cover up his mistake and not get penalised for it. When the Shahzadi (Emperor’s Daughter) visited the kitchen, she mistook it as Firni (which is an another famous sweet dish) and tasted it and it tasted good. When she asked the caterer, he informed her about his mistake but she thought of introducing this as an after meal sweet to the Badshah (The emperor) as it tasted great. When the Badshah asked the caterer the name of the dish, he called it as Qulfi which means “Cover Up” in Arabic. Its still not known which place it was invented but the Caterer’s mistake turned out to be a bliss for ice cream lovers. Since then, Qulfi has been quite famous in most part of India.
The best ones we get at Punjab, Kashmir, Lucknow, Delhi and Mumbai. Since moving to Hyderabad I have been seeing these Auto Carriers with the boards of “Punjab ki Mashoor Kulfi” or “Lucknow ki Mashoor Kulfi” and there are many other names including Dilli, Kashmir and Lucknow.

Mashoor Qulfi 2

I was quite skeptical about buying a Kulfi from them as it was not a good experience when I had a Kulfi from one such street stalls previously. Last night when me and my friends came out of office for a break we spotted this Mashoor Kulfi Stall and I decided to try one and it was something out of the world. Its one of the best Qulfi’s I have ever had. They sell plain milk Qulfis, Badam/Pista Qulfis and Matka Qulfis. Choose from any of them and I’m sure you’ll crave for more. Next time if you see any Mashoor Kulfi wala stall around, do try it out if you haven’t and let the Mughal Indian Magic Pour into your Soul with every bite.

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