Hey Hub!!

I first met you online (on Facebook) when I was not ready to commit to any guy on earth. I dont know why I was excited to meet you and also the first day we met it was totally different. SweetP you know I am not the “romantic” type and I have always been Tomboyish but you made me feel beautiful and amazing.

For the past seven years there have been such ups and downs in our lives where we broke up like 100times and I ran away from this commitment. But finally here we are married to each other and I am the happiest Wife on earth. I just believe in one thing, there may be many reasons we have fought and I felt like not continuing with you but there was only “ONE” reason which kept me stuck to you.

I am very much attracted to you and as I earlier told you if I was married to someone else I would have never rejected your offer for leaving him and coming to you. I can totally cheat on other guys to be with you whenever you want me. Many guys may be offended by this but that is how much I have loved you and will do forever.

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Madly Married...!!!!! 2

Happy Valentine’s day People.

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