I recently came across this post on Social Media with a Girl’s Picture saying “I refuse to wear sindoor (vermilion). He knows I’m his. I don’t need to tell anyone else.” Here’s the picture below.

Macho Men and Feminism 2

Image Source: Facebook

You wouldn’t want to see the comments because it turned into a nasty battleground. While some of them believed that this kind of thought is completely wrong and insults the religious sentiments of not just one person but the whole community and almost an entire country (we’re on the same page). However, some people said that it is the right thing to do and it’s a woman’s wish whether she will be applying a vermilion or not.

On the other hand, I noticed some men saying that “Women are born to take care of household, get screwed up by their husbands every night and treated like a slave for the rest of their lives. The more freedom you give them the more they show you the unnecessary power of their vaginas.”
I’m sure these guys must be having family members that are women. So before making any such comments they should sit back and think for a while how would their Mothers and Sisters or any loved ones feel when they are treated the same way. What you’re trying to convey is not Machoism. Its sheer impotency of your mind that you are projecting in front of the whole world. It’s a different case if women in your family are already treated that way.

Apart from that, women who think that being a Feminist means you go around offending and insulting others for no reason then ma’am you’re completely wrong. The actual meaning of Feminism is well explained by Teresa Younger, CEO of the Ms. Foundation who says “…it’s the belief that men and women should have equal social, political, and economic rights and opportunities. True feminism is recognition of the dynamics that each person brings to the table. And I say, ‘each person’ because women will have reached truest levels of equality when men also have truest levels of equality.”

In a layman’s language, Feminism is about treating Men and Women Equally at all levels. It’s not about fighting like an idiot over not wearing a Vermilion or Hijab. These are everyday choices and bear no relevance to Feminism and moreover, nobody cares whether you do these or not. Being a Feminist is a way of life and it could be followed by both Women and Men as well. It’s not Gender specific and if you call yourself a Feminist then you should know the difference between Everyday Choices and Lifestyle.
We, need to understand the actual meaning of Feminism, and things that are relevant to it. If you believe in total equality, you are a Feminist.