“Kya maal hai yaar!” (What a beautiful chic!)
“Isko to lena hi hai!” (I want her!)
“Dekh dekh! g**i dikh raha hai!” (Check out! Her cleavage is Visible!)
“Are Bra dikh raha hai.” (Her Bra is Visible.)
“Transparent top pehen ke hai. Gaur se dekh. Andar sab dikhega.” (Shes wearing a transparent top. Look closely and you’ll be able to see everything.)
“Kamar Dekh kamar!” (Check out that waistline!)
“Jeans mei shape mast lagta hai iska.” (Her assets look perfect in a jeans.)

If you have a working Sister or Mother. Just imagine how would you feel if someone makes such comment on them. These are just some of the comments that most of us men make about women at workplaces. I’ve worked in 4 different organizations previously in the last 8years and this is one thing I have found common in all the companies.

Like it or not but the truth is that “We Men Lack Work Ethics.” We think that its only us who are getting paid to work here and the lady in white shirt and navy blue jeans sitting in the adjacent work station is here to entertain us with her beauty and curves. Who gives us the right to judge a woman because she is being nice to everyone and is wearing a backless blouse on an ethnic day!?

I’m not saying that all men do that. But the majority of them decide which “Maal” (Slang word indicating a Beautiful Woman) belongs to whom even before the women start working on that floor. Some just keep ongling at their body parts as if it was made for them to eat, some make comments on their clothes and some of them take things forward. I guess almost all the companies have Ombudsman and PSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) in their organizations but still the victim has to go through a lot after raising it against the person who had been harassing her just because the person has more contacts than him. I have seen this right in front of me that one of the team leads have been sexually assaulting different women at office parties and outings and yet he was being saved by the hierarchic while almost all the women who raised voice against him had to leave. The sad part is that it was a female HR who had dealt with the whole escalation and asked the ladies to leave.

What we need to understand is that just like us, even women are human being and have a family back home which might be completely dependent on her. Before you look at any woman as a sex object and make a vulgar comment on her, remember how will you feel if your Mother or Sister or Wife is treated the same way. Just like Amitabh Bachan said “Kya maal lag rahi hai!” aur “Bohot khoobsurat lag rahi hai!” mei hi samne waale ko aapki aukat ka pata lag jaata hai.