Just a five-letter word that drives the world all crazy behind it. We leave our homes, people, the country only to earn money.

Basically, today everything we do is for Money and that’s not the wrong thing. After all, it is one of the most essential things in life today. With money, we can fulfil most of our dreams, buy whatever we want and go wherever we want. Bottom line is: Money is Everything for us. Some say, “If you think Money is Not Happiness then transfer it to my account.”

M.O.N.E.Y. 2

There are multiple such quotes doing rounds all over the Internet wherein people say Money is Life, Money is Love, Money is Everything and what not. Even I had the same mentality a while ago when I used to say that Money is Everything and it brings Happiness. I realized the difference when I went to a different city to start working.

I still believe that Money Brings Happiness but there’s a huge difference between Happiness bought out from Wealth and Eternal Happiness. Money gives you a kind of Materialistic Happiness which is not temporary. When you have money, you can buy things that you want which makes you happy but that happiness fades away after a while.

For example, I love buying clothes and I buy them every month. That truly makes me happy. But the happiness I had from within seeing my brother after a long time when he relocated to the same city to stay with us was totally at another level. My happiness knew no bounds when I returned to my hometown to meet up with my family and friends after 8 Months. So, the happiness you get from within cannot be compared to the happiness you buy with money. Speaking about being happy, there’s no person, nothing and no currency that can bring you happiness. It’s you and just you who can make yourself happy.

Now moving to another quote which people always say is “Money is Everything.” I have this small story here. It’s because of myself being a bit lazy to do laundry and not knowing how to cook, I decided to stay in a Hostel when I relocated. Moreover, my stay is not permanent, so I found it totally stupid to invest in getting an apartment.

Every day I go down and I meet different people from different background. All of them (including me) are here just because companies in our cities failed to provide us with better pay. One fine morning, this one resident from our hostel was distributing sweets. He offered me one and while eating I asked him what that was for and he said, “My wife had a baby girl this morning.” I congratulated him and took one sweeter because just one was not enough for such happy news. The guy was smiling to his ears. I asked him when he is leaving to see his wife and new-born daughter. “I’ll not be able to go right away because I’ve recently joined and cannot afford a loss of pay. So, I’ll have to wait for the next 6 months to see them in person.” was what he said and that literally broke my heart.

You know, there are three important moments in life: When you’re Born, when you Die and When you Fall in Love. The rest is just reacting to everything. It is only because of the money that this guy was losing one of the biggest moments of his life. Not just this person, even if people keep smiling all the time here, the sadness and loneliness in their eyes of staying away from their families and missing out on such important celebrations are quite evident. Everything they’re doing just because they want their people to be happy which is only possible if they earn good money.

Now I want to ask you guys: Do you still think that Money is Happiness and its Everything? I’m not saying Money is Nothing but it’s not everything either. Money is just ‘Important’. You just need to understand your needs and fulfil that with money and I’m sure you’d do well.