I always knew how exactly Love looked like.. In Fifth Grade.
I saw her first in my classroom and recognised her at the first glance.
Love wore a Two-Sided Ponytail. Loved my hairstyle and would always sit in the bus with me.
Love was always there and I was sure of it but love went far away till I forgot her.

Later when Love showed up, she was not what I always expected to be.
She had a brown skin, big bums and bob haircut.
Love found my hairs wierd, hated the bus and loved the cab.
Love wore dark lipsticks. Love was never like before.
Instead, everytime I tried to kiss love, our nose got in the way.
Love became the reason I lied to my Parents.. “I’ll be staying at my friend’s place tonight.”😶

Love kept cribbing. Love kept taunting. Love kept holding. Love kept fading. Love… Disappeared.
Slowly and steadily.. Like baby teeth.
Love took away parts of me that I thought I needed. Love stood away from me. For long this time.

And when love once again reappeared.. I barely recognised her.
Love wore spectacles now. Love looked too thin. Love had a tattoo on her wrist.
Love’s favorite hobby now was eating. Love avoided wearing jeans.

But now..

Love had scars too.

Love sometimes listened to songs that reminded her of someone else. So did I! 🤷‍♂
But we found a tea shop that fit us perfectly.
We found jokes that made us laugh.
And now.. Love makes me handmade pancakes but ends up eating all of them for a midnight snack.
Love makes me her pillion rider while riding a rented scooty.

Love is a lot messier now.. Not simple to understand.
Love makes tiktok videos. Love hates to be called ‘Bae’ but uses the word ‘Boobs’ im front of my parents.
Love keeps sending GIFs and Smileys for no reason though we have a language barrier.
But Love also misses her father and cries.. Love does gets sad.
I keep reminding Love that she is Beautiful and mean it..
Over and over again.. Even when it is not needed.. Even when she doesn’t believe it.

But Love is not Perfect. And now I just like Love being a Friend.
Maybe Love scares Me now. Maybe I harmed Love a lot. Maybe we both damaged each other equally.

Maybe Love arrived at the wrong time always.
Maybe Love arrived and left and I never realised.
Maybe.. I saw Love in the Mirror. Maybe its always been that way.
Maybe Love was all about what was on the inside of me rather than searching the hallway outside.
Maybe when Love Blocked me on Whatsapp and Left the Last Time, I just smiled at her and said
“Please turn off the Music and Close the Door behind You.”
Love was Quiet untill I whispered “Thanks a Lot for Stopping By.”

Inspired by the loved and famous poem “When Love Arrives” by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye.