Thriving as an old school in the age of millennial definition and world is terrible. Especially when you get offboarded with all the new lingos and completely blown away by how relationships and their perspective have changed so much over the period of time.

I belong to a generation where love was presumed to be the epitome of compassion, reverence, persistence and patience. A promise to never give up on each, despite the differences and the imperfections, something which most of us when found, considered to be our ‘forever. However, things got a little upgrade in the last decade with the advent of dating and socializing apps changing the definitions of relationships tremendously and the changes are never-ending.

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We as a generation have become so overtly cautious or maybe pretentious that we are afraid to even to utter the word ‘love’ and prefer resorting to terms like- hook up, constants, open relationships, friends with benefits etc., when it comes to describe a person we are seeing around, depending on the time length of hanging around them. The emotions inside us has taken a complete back seat and we are on the wheels of hormones, driving and running as fast as we can. Our entire world of forever has shrinked in terms of just a left or a right swipe. That is the value we render a person based on the ‘Bio’ and ‘Looks’. In short, inside us, we are actually rating and judging every person we see or meet. So where is the emotional string? Or are we just getting mechanical when it comes to intimacy just because it is easily available?

In the end,we are all a victim of minimum gratitude and very little patience. Thriving in the age of instant gratification, where the journey from the Tinder DM’s to bedroom is of just few days or maybe hours, forbearance is definitely too much to ask for. Since the best things in life takes endurance and persistence, hence we are interested only to invest mentally and physically but not emotionally. Times where IQ matters more than EQ and one is judged on the basis worldly matters.

No, I am not trying to tell that money doesn’t matter nor am I judging the hook up generation, however in pursuit of it we all tend to blur the image of the greater reality, the bigger picture. Life is long, like a cold never ending night, and everyone is busy stocking up woods for the fireplace to keep the cold bones warm till until the strength of gathering them wrecks. But when the phase of wood stocking is over, and you are left with more than required wood with no one to share the warmth over a cup of tea, what next?

Time escapes like the sands between the fingers and so does the experiences that gives us these little moments of joy in this eloping time. Experience that comes along with the ones you love, the ones you feel like holding  on to, without the fear of passing time. In your lows and in your highs, you know you have people to support you, cheer you is more than anything anyone can ask for. Hence, I crave for happiness which is not ephemeral. And trust me all that money can buy is sporadic, what remains beyond is still far the reach of any wealth. You can have all the money and still cannot save the one you love the most. You can have all the riches, yet no one to love you with all their heart. Best wines but no company. So look beyond temporary happiness and value emotions and people. Life is much bigger than what you just see today and no one knows, how this journey will end.

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This post is written by Moumita Ghosh. Follow The Mood Recipes for more blog posts and articles.