It was just a fairy tale, wasn’t it?
Our love was supposed to end,

like a fire slowly burning out.
But we kept just holding on.

Clutching to the extinguisher,
hoping to save our love.

Trying over and over again
Until the warmth of the fire was covered by ice

and the light of our passion died.
but we kept just holding on.

Hoping to find our way back to each other.
We didn’t want to end.

Who knew that holding on
would suffocate our love.

Leaving nothing left
except for separation within.

Your absent in my heart
My desire for you is gone.

Fleeting thoughts of you
And I don’t even mind.

Because I no longer love you,
I only miss the feeling of being in love.

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Ways holding on ruins your relationship 2

Malyssa Teresa (3)

Each day I am changing and growing as a person. I am learning each and every moment and the journey is anything, but easy. For this reason, I don’t have an exact topic that my blog will focus on. Each blog post is going to be a story and adventure of its own, thats the point. I want my readers to feel as if my blog is relatable and to reflect on their own personal journey as they read my stories.

So welcome to my life!

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