Life being Vaccinated
A big challenge to everyone else to have a Vaccine,
It is a Rumor, but a real talk in town
So hard to decide, to reach this goal
That lingering in our mind
How’s life after Vaccination?
But the true facts
If you don’t want to help for decreasing this Pandemic
Just stay at home, and follow all the Protocols…

It was sad, being far away from home,
Thinking How could I be? Strong
To Face this Challenge, with Virtual Hug
In this Tackling Climate changes
Where all moods are unpredictable
No choices but to Decide
If all surrounds us, Maybe a victim of Sickness
Live or Let ’em Die?

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The day comes over to fill up my application
My fingers stop to write, Pickled mind again,
Oh, it’s not, Just go on my Wisdom win.
If there’s A Will, There’s A Way …
Sitting on the chair and whisper
Thank you, for this opportunity, With struggle needles
Put it in my arms and take it…

And a new journey begins… As a bird can fly
Freedom to flaws, And Shout
I m Already Vaccinated …

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This post is written by Melnora Larios. Follow The Mood Recipes for more blog posts and articles.