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This blog can be treated as a continuation of my previous post Best friend to strangers.

In this post we will discuss, how we can go ahead and mend the broken friendship. I will just put my point of view, and try to suggest some points, to remedy the situation.

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” ~Mother Teresa
We human beings have this behavior of judging people, we love judging every single people those who come across us, we don’t even give a discount to our closest neighbors, best of friends, strangers and even family members. May be not in our conscious mind but I am pretty sure, we all do it in our sub conscious mind for sure.

In this case, once we are far away from our friends, it just adds up a point to judge.

Well, that’s enough reasoning for now, let’s see what we can do to remedy the situation.

Giving your ego a little discount on this season
We all have our ego and may be self-respect sometimes which comes up when we are involved in a fight, no matter how small/big the issue is. We need to keep that apart from us, as much as we can. I know it is not fair at your part keeping the huge ego besides, especially when we are right but remember, the things that your best friend did for you, when things were all good and everything was working out between you guys.

Don’t hesitate/be afraid to initiate a conversation
We human beings are the blessed ones to have the power to speak to express ourselves, but we are not using that. We do need to speak our heart out, at least if not all the time but to make things all right. It’s completely understandable that he did not start a conversation, so why should I start? (you can go back and read the previous point once again)

Let’s not play the blame game at least with our best friend
This is my favorite part, not taking a single blame. We didn’t do anything wrong-never ever. Everything was right on my part, and I am the best one-self-sacrificing person, right? Good (Please refer to the first point and then come back). We both know, that there was a mistake in our part as well why not try to sort that out instead of passing the ball?

Apologize, what happened in your part
I know that’s the hardest part in the whole situation, apologizing for what happened in my part. It really takes a lot of thoughts and guts to apologize. But in this situation, we need to think and decide if that worth the friendship. It’s a fact that we don’t care for everyone in our life. But we all have special someone’s whom this discount can be given. If not for the whole situation, at least take ownership for the mistake that took place at your jurisdiction. The person in front will take out his mistakes and apologize. End of the day, you will be the happy one.

Avoid interrogation episode
What’s done is done, we can’t go back and change something. Questioning will make the other person uncomfortable, and it may put up a situation, where you both might get into a fight making the situation worse. Just tell them directly, what you feel, and what needs to be done to prevent the situation further, and the other person will take care of it, if he is really your best friend. At least-give it a try.

Try to forgive as much as you can afford
I know it takes a lot of energy, courage and will to forgive, and especially when we are right at our place. If not completely, try to forgive the other person as much as possible. I know in this situation our self-respect comes in to picture, that’s the reason I said, as much as you can afford. You don’t have to lower yourself, to save the friendship, if the other person isn’t worth of it.

This brings down to the conclusion of all the above situations: Give it a try.

Finally, make the friendship strong – stronger.
Trust me, once you guys have come back from a broken friendship, your friendship will a hundred times stronger than ever. You both have experienced the darker side of each other, and the side you know how to avoid. It also let you guys know the limit of each other. There is always a positive side of everything that happens in our life. Let’s take a moment out and fight for the positive things that we have instead of being a lonely person.

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Thank you everyone once again, enjoy the holiday season.

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