Yeah! Its quite strange even to me that I’m writing something like this. But I guess after a string of failed relationships I’m capable enough to write about Love. By failed relationships I don’t mean with Girlfriends because Love doesn’t just happens with a Spouse or someone you’re Dating. Theres also love between friends, family, relatives, mother, father, siblings and many others.
So I usually hear people asking one another “What exactly is Love?” Everyone have their own version. So heres mine..
I don’t think its something that the new generation follows. Love is not about posting those couple goals pictures on social media or tagging your girlfriends/boyfriends to romantic posts or poetries. Its not about telling someone ‘I Love You’ 50 times a day. Not about surprise parties or gifts on birthdays. Not really about meeting each and every day or talking over the phone all the time. Its never about rushing into a marriage. And its definitely not about booking rooms in the name of spending some ‘quality time’. These are just dopamine released by your brain which happens after you meet or go out with someone. Once that ends, the feeling of being in love ends. All the “You don’t love me anymore?” drama begins after that. You end up telling everyone that “People who Fall in Love are Stupid!” not realising that its your fault too. The phrase “Fall in Love” itself is wrong. If you “Fall” in Love then you definitely end up hurting yourself or someone else. End result: Cheating, Break up, heartbroken or becoming a stupid one sided lover.
Love is not about “Falling”, its about selflessly helping someone who has fallen, get up. Its not about correcting someone’s mistakes and rather about accepting those flaws. Love is not about rushing into a marriage. Its about being patient and living the moment. Its not about maintaining a good body and face to look good with each other. Its something that goes beyond looks. Love is not about intimacy.. Its eternal. Its not just about spending the nights with the same person for the rest of your life. Its about waking up with them every morning.
If someone tells you that they can die for you then they’re just being psycho. Love is not about dying, killing or any such voilence. Love is about breathing, living and just being alive. Love is tolerance. Love is caring.
Being possessive and obssesive is not love. Its just a stupid attempt to capture which is mistaken as love. Building a trust is Love.
Love has been abused so much in the recent times that people have had a misconception about it. The bottom line is: Love is all about giving without expecting anything in return. Love is about receiving wholeheartedly. Love is about learning from one another at each and every step. When you say you Love Someone, you’re just half way there not realising the journey further.
A famous monk said “When you say he/she is made for me, it means you want to learn from them. When you say you want someone forever, it means you want to learn tolerance. Love is an act of will, both intention and action and remember, real love makes you more and more you.”