“Why don’t you join the course when you’ve eligibility”- she asked her best friend!”The course is expensive for candidates like us”- she replied with a smile on her face.

“What do you mean? Akash joined I’ve heard”

“He owns an ST certificate”

After a pause they laughed out loud on their fate.

It is sad to see how many deserving people back out from the platforms just because the preferences are given to reserved and mostly not deserved candidates. Wherever we keep our feet we can see a notice flashing the headlines like “Free for SC/ST”. Whether its some entrance exams to school,college or universities or its some gateways to job reserved candidates not only need a lower cut off marks but also have age relaxation and fees relaxations too. Is it a crime to be a general category nowadays or is it some criminal offences done by the general people for what they are being punished!
Everyday we witness plenty of incidents where we see that people are in good positions,not because they deserve but because they are so called minor categories. Even though they can shower the money on themselves but just because of that stupid paper known as “caste certificate” they are a step ahead all the time. And there are thousands of people who actually deserve to hold the power and position are roaming around hopelessly and the reason is they don’t own that piece of paper.

Those who can afford to pay an expensive course are doing it for free even though they are not qualified enough and those who have the best qualifications but not enough money are hibernating life long. This is the power of a piece of paper.

Just because the INDIAN CONSTITUTION has it written on, doesn’t mean it can never be changed. Isn’t it one of the biggest reason India is still backward in all the places. Thankfully at the time of Aryabhatta there was no written constitution,else the world could have never been to the place where it is today!

Let’s take a step ahead and let’s help the deserving candidates to achieve their position.