Sounds pretty weird when you say the same to a guy and sounds pretty normal when said to a girl, isn’t it?

Well, well, well! Yes!

I am talking about marriage.

How does society finds it pretty normal and has been following this ages after ages without making any objection? When a guy and a girl is getting married, why does the girl has to leave her home, her parents, her surname and the boy compromise on nothing of this sort? Why does the girl have to take up her husband’s surname, leaving her father’s? Looking after own parents is certainly not a sole duty of a guy, but a girl too. Then why does it always come up on a girl where she needs to compromise on her own parents and be more focused on her in-laws?

Today, we are in the age of progression. We see many girls are not giving up on her own surname and continue with it after marriage. Still, I bet the percentage of them will not be more than 3-5. Whenever a guy is living in with his in-laws, it’s a shame. If a guy is taking too much care of his in-laws, it becomes a shame. But for a girl doing a shame, its an honour. I mean seriously? Why the hell on earth taking care of your own parents over your in-laws, is a crime?

If a girl asks a guy to leave his parents and stay in a separate flat only with her, she is judged. She will get a tag of a whore. But when a girl leaves her parents, just for the name of being married, it adds a badge of honour to her.

Have we ever seen any guy taking up his wife’s surname after marriage? Have we ever seen a guy wearing an extra piece of cloth in the name of “Ghunghat”(Veil)? Have we ever seen any guy being judged by the in-laws for his dress up?


All the blames, rules and regulation comes on the girl always.

We are fighting for quality these days in the name of feminism. If everything has to be equal, both the guy and girl should leave their parents and stay in a separate flat/house and take off their own parents and in-laws both equally.


P.S: I am not yet married and if I am ever, I am not going to stay with my in-laws.

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