Hello Readers,

This is the last post for this year.

I would like to take a moment out and thank everyone, our readers, writers and editors.

Last post for this year 2

I started this as a personal blog, but soon my friends joined me, making it a platform to share emotions, feelings and experiences, we are planning to expand the sections, as we some have bigger plans.

Below are some of the stats starting November 26th:

5000+ Hits on website.
200 social media shares.
500+ Likes on Facebook page.
100+ Pins on Pinterest
100+ Browsers subscription.

I had to upgrade my web hosting plan and security precautions to improve the user experience, can’t be happier than that.

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Thank you everyone once again, it would not have been possible without you guys.

Last post for this year 3

Wishing you all the best for this New Year, let all the troubles melt in the flame of candles, and all the good things come into your life. Happy New Year.

Tight hugs and loads of love from themoodrecipes team.

Last post for this year 4

Samar (47)

My name is Samar, I am the admin of TheMoodRecipes. I am an IT professional, working for a multinational company. I always wanted a platform to express my views, motivate others and help others figure out the issues, without any restriction or fabrications.

Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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