There are situations, where we regret listening to people and taking a decision, but that’s when its already too late, and you have nothing to do at that point of time.

Everyone, yes everyone, people whom you hate, people who you love, people who are acquaintances, relatives, friends, partners, parents will tell you what to do, what not to do.

Why you should stop listening to people?

No, I am not talking about not literally listening to them but listening to anyone blindly. Well, feel free to listen to what other people have to say, but don’t start living your life on someone’s other terms. You should always do what you think is correct and by properly planning the decision you want to take and the circumstances for the decision you are taking.

They don’t know you as much as they think they know. People around us are experts, their expert opinions are always found here and there, even when it is not needed. They claim to know a hell lot about you, trust me, they don’t know as much as they claim. If you think logically, you are someone else to everyone, for example, the way you will behave with your best friend, you will never behave the same way with the people you have just met. There are many things about us, which others, not even your parents and best friends know about us, so it could be said that, people think that they know many things about us, and our priorities. Whatever they decide thinking good for us, maybe that’s not the best or maybe they aren’t aware of some things. So, it’s always recommended to take your own decisions.

They will manipulate you to what they want you to do. Some people are toxic, and they love to manipulate other people and they will make sure, that you listen to them. They will provide you with their useless research and analysis that why you should listen to them. It is not necessary that they have some motives to harm you or to do something wrong, but they do it for their mental satisfaction, that they are able to control you. Somehow, unknowingly we do fall in to prey of such people, and we all are aware of the circumstances that follow.

Some of them are jealous of you. You never come to know, what one feels about you. May be, you really love them or care about them, but can you guarantee, that they feel the same about you? It’s always better to judge what they say, and the decision, that you are going to take. You should start analyzing people who distributes free advice whenever possible. Do not listen to anyone blindly who so ever the person may be, no one knows what the other person wants or intends.

They want to change you or vice versa. Everyone wants a better version of you (not the perfect person, but the way they want to see you). Whenever people say something, they say and suggest you as per their convenience. No one will ever suggest you something, which is better for you, or what is good for you. Unless the other person is your mother. Mothers are special, really very special.

Those people are not you. End of the day, it’s your life and you should take each decision. Anyone else taking your decision, will make you completely dependent. You should take the complete responsibility and the outcome of your decision. At the end of the day, if anything goes wrong, maybe they know you very well from a very long time, but does that mean they can decide your life plans and decisions?

Timisha (lifestyle blogger) says:

If we continue to let other people affect our lives, we will never reach our full potential. Imagine if the Wright Brothers listened to the critics saying that they would never build a successful airplane. Imagine if Madonna or Michael Jackson had listened to critics about their singing career. They would never have been the staples in history, the way we remember them today. Keep trying to succeed, and I promise it will be worth it. When you finally do what they said you could not, they will come back and ask you for advice. Keep pushing!

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I understand that not everyone who is giving you directions are bad and they want to harm you directly and indirectly, but the point here is you should listen to each opinion that comes across your path, but you do what you want to do after a proper analysis and research. If something goes wrong, you don’t have to be a cry baby, you will be mature about it and you will take the complete responsibility.

Very rare, people do give good advice and suggestions, which can genuinely help you deciding, we should appreciate that. On the same time, we should also learn the way how to analyze situations properly and move forward accordingly.

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