“Hey, you there?”
“Yes tell me!”
“I have not seen you writing nowadays, what happened? Why did you seem to quit blogging?”
“Trust me I want to but I don’t get enough motivation or influence these days”

This was the conversation today with one of my very close friends which made me write today’s article. Why would someone feel demotivated and stop their journey as a blogger? Why would someone be scared of writing down what they are thinking and let people know about it?

“Blogger”- the word itself gives the most positive impression when the one aspiring to hear it. Well, from where I am standing today, I feel proud to call myself a blogger. It is almost going to be two years I am blogging with The Mood Recipes and almost 4 years as a blogger who started with Google’s blogging platform.

Many of us have a lot to share about, talk about, discuss, but we can’t. There could be multiple reasons behind it but in the end, we just can’t explain everything and that remains unspoken. That is the time, we end up writing it down. Being a blogger has this advantage where what you write down could reach a lot of people who would know what you are feeling and they can share their opinion with you on the same concern. Not always it has to go in your favor, opinion will always vary, but the best part is you will interact with so many people from the different part of the world.

When I started writing in my initial days, I never thought that anybody would read them and will share their views with me. But the days went by and I started getting a good number of responses and views that kept me encouraged. It could happen that you do not get enough responses that you expect, but do not give up. One day it would reach all the audience that you can never even imagine. The topic that might seem to be the silliest one, can get you the maximum number of readers. Trust me, it has happened to me.

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One thing that I personally feel, people often tend to confuse blogging and content writing. There is a very thin line between them. When you write with a given topic, with boundaries, it becomes content writing whereas in blogging you write about your preferred topic with no such limits. As a blogger, you should connect to people, and for that, you do not have to always select a trending topic. Sometimes the trend even does not work. People get so bored of reading the same thing again and again that they might just skip your post. Do not let anything discourage you, let them skip, you have to keep on writing.

The bloggers’ community follows a standard limit that says your blog should contain a minimum of 700 words which helps you get the audience, you can make it as long as you wish. If you are writing a story, try to break it in chapters cause please tends to skip a long post. Try to make your blog a little catchy for people’s eyes with attractive pictures. There are plenty of websites that offer free picture without any copyright issue which you can use on your blogs. And if you have a good camera phone, Bingo! Take good pictures and upload them. Make it as beautiful as you yourself are. Create your own food blog, click your own pictures. Create your own travel blog and use your own pictures. These two are very big platforms, food, and travel, essential for both your physical and mental health, and when you share them you help people to enjoy as well. You can share your research articles with the world through your blog, never forget to put copyrights on them. It is your research after all.

Content is important when you have to connect to the audience. As I have previously mentioned, not all content would be relatable for all, but for few, it would surely be.  If you are bilingual, again, Bingo! You can use multiple languages in your blog. That helps you gain local and international- both kinds of audiences. Share your articles/blogs over social media. That would surely create an impact on the number of audiences. There are plenty of platforms today, user proper hashtags and share. Share with your friend and family, let them decide whether they want to read or not, but don’t stop yourself from sharing.

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Initially, you might not start with your own domain, you can choose any of the platforms like bloggers by Google or WordPress, as I started with Blogger and then our Admin approached me as he planned his own domain and here I am.

It might take you a while, to financially depend on your blog, to be honest, it might take pretty long than you expect. Hence, I would suggest the newcomers and the one who is not feeling influenced anymore, please be patient. Keep on writing, day by day you will surely improve. Keep it as a hobby until you start gaining money from it. Hobbies are good and important for mental health, so again, when you write your heart out and people read about it and talk to you in the comment section, trust me it would make you happy from within.

There are a lot of social issues going on all over the globe and I am sure a lot of people want to talk over it but not sure where and how. The blog is the platform for you. Pen down your thoughts, let people see. Most of your audience will not know you in person and hence they won’t really judge you. Avoid being negative about what will people think when they read your article. As long as you are not threatening anyone in person through your blog, I am sure, there will be at least one or two constant readers who will connect to your thoughts and will discuss it.

Coming to the statistics of a blog, don’t let the number of likes and comments fool you, you might not get likes but still if you check the stat properly, there will be lots and lots of readers/viewers on your blog and without even your knowing you might end up motivating someone, you might bring a smile on someone’s face after a long tiring day. You never know.

The page you’re reading this article on, started with all newcomers and we are hoping to improve ourselves every single moment. My friend whose word made me write this article is now a part of this team and she is back as a blogger. We would love to see how many of our readers also want to be a blogger but not knowing how to start. I would personally love to know, did I motivate you today to jot down your thoughts and pen them down? Please drop in. :-)