“It’s finally time that I leave this job now and look for something better in life. It could be also possible that I have already found something better which makes me think that I no more need to perform my duties here. Or maybe I have just overgrown the situation and do not enjoy my current work anymore.”

Has any of these thoughts ever crossed your mind even for a second while you are at your work? Well if yes then my friend it’s now time you leave the current job and find something better. (Wait! Did you guys just thought I’ll no more be writing? Lol!)

We usually have a lot of doubts in mind about when to resign from a job. “Is this the right time to put my papers down?” is one major question that comes to most of our minds when we decide upon it.

I’ll try helping you make the decision much quicker and its quite easy. As soon as you come to work, and you start feeling like running back home then its time you go ahead and resign. If you’re one of those idiots who say that they keep getting the same feeling since day-one, then my friend you’re doing the wrong job.

Apart from that if you feel that you have overgrown as an employee in an organization and have done more than what was assigned to you.

Resigning from a job does not mean that everything will be over, and you will be on the streets. It just means that you are vacating your place for someone who can bring a new energy to the same role that you performed. Moreover, it means that you are now open to new opportunities which will be better than the previous ones. It doesn’t have to be any eventful farewell. Make peace with everyone, apologize to people you might have hurt unknowingly and move on for a better life and better opportunities.

It’s not only a Job, even in Life, realize when you have outgrown a situation and make a warm and silent exit without creating any catastrophic atmosphere.