They bible says, “They came out from us; that it might be made menifest that they were not of us. For have they been of us, no doubt they would have continued with us.” I John 2:19.

Most of us go through break ups and 95% of us are still haunted by the fact that we had a break up even after its been a long time that had happened. Most of us still try to stalk our ex’s and always keep praying to God to send them back into our life while they have moved on a long time back and not even thinking about us. I just want to ask why? Why do we want to hold on to a person who wants to leave or have left? Breaking up or ending a relationship does not mean that the person who did it first was bad. It just means that they were the first to realise that you two were meant to meet but were not meant to stay.

People leave because they have all the right to leave. When someone wants to walk away from you, just let them go. It doesn’t matter how wonderful they were neither does it matter how much attached you were to them nor what all you have done for them in the past. Your destiny was never tied to anyone. You were never born glued to someone. You were born an individual so why beg someone to stay when they don’t want to. Your life is a story and their part in the story is over and hanging on to someone rottens your memories with them. It makes them start hating you even if they don’t want to.

If you want to be free, stop locking yourself in a past relationship that has ended a long time back. If you want to grow, let go off people who want to leave and make the best of of your life. Always remember.. Its your life; its your story. Every phase and every relationship is just a part of it. Being stagnant and holding on to any of them for a longer time makes the whole story a flop show.