I was speaking with one of my former colleagues one day. She narrated the heart breaking story about how her sister was cheated by her ex-husband which led to her divorce.

Its Not The End if Its Not Happy 2
“I’m thinking not to get her married off to anyone again. Even I do not have any fantasy of getting married or in a relationship. As a matter of fact, we sisters don’t seem to be lucky in love. Though it never happened with me, but I just feel that way. We’ll get an apartment somewhere and stay together in future.” she said about her and her sister.

I think her sister is the most luckiest person I’ve ever heard about. We are living in a selfish world where people do not bother to care about the ones who are responsible for their existence. Here she has a loved one who is ready to take care of her for the rest of her life and is so concern about her health and happiness that she does not want to give her off to anyone else because deep down she has a fear that history might repeat itself. Also, she fears that she might also have to go through the same experience if she ever falls for someone so she isolates those feelings pro-actively. But on the other hand, it’s also a bit impractical to think so. It’s a rule made by the nature that we do need a partner in this world to survive till the end. There will be family and friends who will be there with us through the highs and lows but there will be just one person who will be there till the last day and that’s the reason we call them ‘Life Partners’. Sometimes things do not turn out to be the way we want it to be but that does not mean that its the end of the road. Moreover, not every story will have the same fate.

Honestly, I’m no one to write this or give my opinion on someone else’s life. Maybe she might cut me off from everywhere after reading this because her life and her decisions should be none of my business, but I feel her because I’ve been through this phase in the past and I do know how tough it is to deal with this and to again start trusting people. And if she is actually reading this, I just wanted to convey the message that her sister’s divorce was not the end but a new beginning. She has a much better, happy and healthy life and life partner waiting for her in the future. There will come a day when her sister will be the happiest and there won’t be any room for pain. They just need to trust the process. When the time is right, things will be how they need to be.

Its Not The End if Its Not Happy 3
Apart from that, not everyone meet the same fate or same type of people in life. She might find this funny but sooner or later she will come across a person who will be a crazy hogster and a nutcase like her whom she would never want to let go. And when that happens, things like isolation or being loud mouth won’t work. Its actually like a magic trick by the right magician.

Its Not The End if Its Not Happy 4
Its necessary to have every kind of experience in life. She does not remember this but she has already come across the experience her sister has gone through in a different way and felt how it feels so she can be rest assured that things will be better for her now. Tough times never last but tough people do and these sisters are one of the toughest women I’ve ever seen.

Its Not The End if Its Not Happy 5
One of the worst things that we do after going though bad experiences is that we try to avoid things that we believe might give us the same experience once again. It might take a while but the better thing that we need to do is to be open to people, opportunities and the new life that comes our way. Make sure to do things differently this time. Every sad ending is actually a fresh beginning and its not just in regards to relationships. Its a larger phenomenon. Its in every part of life.

You might not be liking the place you’re living or the work you’re doing right now but keep it in your mind that its temporary. All you need to do is to stay strong and keep going and soon things will turn out to be how you want them to be. Even the sun comes up, shines and brightens the world every day after hours of darkness.