It has been a really long time I have written anything. Many people are asking me why there is no new post. I have just said one word and that is “WIPRO”.Well its not that I can’t write at all as I am working. But the life that I am living at this point of time is really different from the  one I used to have. It was impossible for me to sleep till the time I have a new novel in the collection, and now I have one and I have just reached the 11th page in 2 months. I don’t even remember when did I published my last blog though google knows. I work when the whole world sleeps and I sleep when the whole world works. I don’t eat anything till 3’O clock in the afternoon but from 3 pm to 4 am I eat 4-5times. I cant see my guy for continuous 5 months now. I can’t talk to my parents cause I sleep all the time when at home.

Oh! I forgot to mention the addition of a new member in my family! I have a brother now, my Kukku, my lil rabbit. He is the only good thing that has happened to me in last 4 months. He is my stressbuster. I forget all the frustration when he is in my lap, though I don’t forget that “BEFORE I PROCEED’!!!

Well, now all of you must  pity me! But but but there are many good parts of being a working woman. I am gonna tell those things now and please don’t envy me now. ?

I have felt happy when I have gifted my mom a new saree and my dad a new shirt with my own money as I have seen happiness in their eyes.I have gifted my guy a watch as he has a habit of going out without watch. They actually flaunt it!! I have felt rush in my stomach and goosebumps all over the body when it is the 1st of any month and my phone beeps with the bank transaction text. I am no sacred to buy the thing that  I need as I do not need to ask my parents for money.I have my favourite shades now, I have colored my hairs with my money! Well, I am over flaunting but could not help it too as it is excited for me. And I am planning a grand celebration of my parents silver jubilee anniversary celebration now. Sssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don’t tell them, it’s a surprise!! Hahahahhhhhhaaaaa!!!

If you are reading it I am sorry that i have bored you now. I can’t write good shit nowadays hence this. But now when I am back I will improve once again and will be regular. Thank you all for encouraging me to start writing again!!