Before i start writing, I thank my readers for reading all my blogs with patience and suggesting this topic, and having faith in me!

Yes, sometimes it feels unfortunate to be a part of this society, where most of the people are not ready to accept things that is not traditional. Even though the fact originates from the ancient India, but still we are not ready to accept the “HOMOSEXUAL” people. Yes, we do make fun of them, on their faces, behind them and where not!

As for India, India is a very traditional country. Discussing about sex is itself a taboo. The amount of so-called modernity in our country is not because we have evolved it, but because we have imitated it from the west. India is still a very much orthodox country where religion plays a crucial role in the lives of people. Homosexuality is considered against our culture and is believed to be immoral.

   Our modern society somehow has become less tolerant towards anything which is not regular or common according to their collective perception; whether we study society’s behaviour towards religious minorities such as Islam or Christianity or its behaviour towards sexual minorities such as gays, lesbians or bisexuals. In all such cases, it can be found that people in minority are the target of the people in majority and harassment or discrimination against such minorities is widely prevalent.
Thus unlike ancient India, people with different sexual choices i. e. homosexuals are not treated equally in today’s society and their basic human rights are violated frequently.
Like food, shelter and water, sexual need is also one of the basic human needs without which life cannot be fully realised or enjoyed. Sexual orientations may differ from person to person. Though persons with non- regular sexual behaviour are in minority but they are a reality. Non-regular sexual behaviour may be understood as sexual preference and attraction not with opposite sex but with same sex persons.
Several scientists have concluded that one is born with a particular kind of sexual orientation and it is in the genes. Thus it is a natural phenomenon.
Discrimination faced by homosexuals in our society are at various levels; beginning from within their homes to outside world as a whole. Their entire life is a struggle only because they are born with a particular sexual orientation which is different from others. In fact it is proved through various scientific or psychological studies that such behaviours are perfectly natural.
We don’t understand how much they are hurt. But let’s take a moment and think for once, what if someone make fun of our love life even though we are not homosexual. Just because our partners are of opposite sex, that doesn’t mean none can make fun about it! So. if we feel bad, the “homosexual people” too feel the same.  And it is us who made the rule i.e. “love is blind”. So it should be us to accept that a blind can fall in love with the same sex darling?. Please let’s not call ourselves “modern” if we can not accept the simplest truth of the nature. THANK YOU?

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