Since day-one most of us have that fantasy of seeing a Ghost or a Spirit or Visiting a Haunted place. Even I had the same interest but I’ve taken my interest further in order to experience things for myself. I still have no idea how many articles and listicles I have read about haunted places and stories behind them. Soon my interest in Supernatural turned into an Obsession and I signed up for a Local Paranormal Investigation Team back in 2012. However I never knew that I went into something that was about to make life worse for me. The Team I joined sent a notice that they will be calling me on the night there was a requirement. I got a call one day and they said that they needed me to join two of my colleagues to investigate a famous bungalow which was reportedly haunted.

“The property has been left unvisited since 2005. Moreover there’s no caretaker. The Government has decided to take over the property if there’s nothing found inside.” said the guy over the phone who was my manager. At around 10:30PM I reached the spot and found two other guys waiting there. I was excited and nervous at the same time about the whole investigation thing but the other two guys (Srikant and Raj) were quite casual about it. The property looked extremely eerie and had a dark history of a Woman and her two daughters dying there while performing black magic. Their postmortem (which was performed thrice on their bodies in three different cities) reports said that they died in this bungalow more than 6 months ago but people in the neighborhood had reported to have seen them a day before they died. The place has been declared haunted by the woman and her two daughters since then.

We pushed open the wooden gate and entered the property which was pitch dark. I went on to place cameras, motion detectors and voice recorders on different locations of the house. While placing the cameras in the balcony which had an extremely pungent smell, I could see bottles hanging from the ceiling. It looked as if it was filled with something when I took one of them in my hand. I just poured it on the floor what looked like a thick black liquid in the dark made the smell even worse. Somewhere that scared me even more. I clicked a snap, collected some sample and left it the way it was and continued my work. Once everything was setup, we just sat together in the room where the bodies were found. We kept talking to each other under a candlelight. It was around 2:45AM and Raj wanted to pee. That was a bad idea actually as there are higher chances of getting attacked by the unknown entity in a washroom or toilet area if there is any presence. We all decided to go together. The washroom was quite spacious. Once Raj was done and we were about to leave, a bucket came flying towards us and hit the wall beside. I lit a torch and found no one standing there. I was asked to turn it off and take snaps in the same direction using the old flash camera. Srikant kicked the bucket back to where it was and it came with much more force towards us and hit Srikant in the mouth. Thankfully Srikant was not seriously injured but what he said after that still give me shivers. He just stared at the direction from where the bucket flew on us and said that he was able to see a woman right in front of us. “We have no idea what you’re saying.” I said.

“Shes in a brown saree and is looking at us.” Said Srikant. Raj then again clicked snaps and when I lit the torch and we could literally see what seemed like a woman’s shadow on the wall as if she was standing in front of us. We concluded that it was good to pack up and leave the place right away. We submitted the reports the next day and the bungalow was declared to be haunted and is still unvisited even today. The black liquid was actually blood mixed with ashes which has become rotten and should have dried out but it did not. The snaps we took in the washroom showed a woman standing where Srikant spotted her.

I did not think much before getting into it but it had affected me badly. I went down with fever and flu for almost a month and had sleepless nights for multiple days. After consulting a doctor I was declared acute insomniac. I still have issues sleeping. Sometimes I get nightmares of being stuck in between a riot where I always see woman in brown saree running towards me with an axe. I had to abscond that company as I never again wanted to experience something like that. That haunted bungalow gave me a lesson for life that its not good to play with the unknown. Let it be how it is. Just like you don’t like an unknown person trespassing your home, there are some entities in such places who don’t like it if you disturbing them or the places where they’re still alive.