In 1947 – 15th August, India got independence from the British Rule – We all know that. Now we gonna look at few unknown and interesting facts about our Independence day.

1. Do you know why specifically 15th August was selected?

Lord Mountbatten was the last Viceroy of British East India Company and it was his personal decision to choose 15th August.
It was a lucky date for him because 2 years back in 1945 on 15th August During World war 2 – Japanese army surrendered to Allied Forces where Lord Mountbatten was a general commander

2. Did you know – Indian independence was supposed to happen in 1948?

Yes, this is true. It was planned to happen in 1948 however it did not happen because of Mohammed Jinnah’s request for a separate nation named as Pakistan to Jawaharlal Nehru. It created a lot of communal differences and conflicts. Lord Mountbatten had to prepone the date for a year.

3. On 14th August 1947 – Pakistan was separated from India and Lord Mountbatten announced Lahore as its capital.

4. You must have seen a video of Jawaharlal Nehru giving a speech declaring the independence but did you notice it was during midnight. Why?

The Indian Independence was declared during midnight because according to Hindu’s Astrological calculation 15th August was not a good day however Lord Mountbatten did not accept Nehru’s request to change the day and hence the Pandits suggested it to be done during midnight before the sun rises.

5. Why Mahatma Gandhi did not give the independence speech?

It was pre-decided that the speech will happen at midnight however Mahatma Gandhi went to sleep at 9 pm. Where the whole world was listening to this speech in their radios he did not even listen to the speech.

However, the truth is he was fasting and negotiating in Bengal since a week(approx) There were conflicts and violence going on in Bengal and Gandhi was trying to bring peace. He was in Calcutta (now, Kolkata) restoring peace and did not celebrate the Independence day. His thinking was till the time Hindus and Muslims do not feel safe by staying together – Independence will not be successful.
After restoring peace in calcutta his plan was to move to Delhi and from there on to Lahore. However, what happened was shocking and Gandhi was shot dead by Nathuram Godse.

6. India did get the independence on 15th August however Indian Flag was hoisted on 16th August at 08.30 AM by Jawaharlal Nehru.

7. The National Anthem – India did not have any national Anthem during the Independence. Though Rabindra Nath Tagore wrote “Jana Gana Mana” in 1911 however it was decided to be India’s National anthem in 1950.

8. 15th August – There are three more countries who got their independence on this day but in different years though.
A- South Korea got its independence from Japan on 15th August 1945
B- Bahrain got its independence from the British on 15th August 1971
C- Congo-Brazzaville got their independence from France on 15th August 1960

9.  When people got to know that Punjab will be divided for partition. The violence started in between Hindus and Muslims there. 55000-60000 armed forces were deployed there by Lord Mountbatten. However, they were unable to control the violence. Punjab was not the only state which was getting divided.. Bengal was also getting divided in the name of partition however Mahatma Gandhi was enough to control the violence there. He had that much power in his words and people used to trust him and had faith in him.

10. Do you know who is Sohravardi?

He was the prime minister of Bengal. People of Bengal used to say that he is the person who is the root cause of violence going on in Bengal. However, Sohravardi himself appealed to Gandhi to control the violence in Bengal. On 7th August 1947, Gandhi placed 2 deals.
A. He will ask the Muslims of Noakhali(now in Bangladesh) not to hamper any Hindu staying there.
B. Sohravardi will stay with Gandhi in a small slum type of house ( commonly termed as  Jhuggi in Hindi) so that he understands what’s going on with the people of Bengal who entrusts him.

Sohravarsi agreed on both of the deals.  Hence peace was restored in Bengal, unlike Punjab.

That’s it from our side about 15th August. Do you know something else about this day which is really interesting – let us know in comments because everyone needs to be aware and knowledgeable?

By the way – Happy Independence Day to all the Indians and people from South Korea, Bahrain and Congo – Brazzaville.