Every morning She wakes up from her dreams,
Thinking if they will ever be true;

Will it ever be easy?
For her to let them go!

She does not need much from life,
She just wants to be happy.

She wants to have the people around her,
Who makes her glee.

The thought that bothers her,
Is nothing but the way to happiness.

She is yet to realize,
It is none but she herself.

She is yet to realize,
Nothing is ever constant and so is none,
She has to let go off people,

Sooner or later.


It is not the people who brings happiness,
It is the moments that creates the memories.

Those memories will bring smile to her face,
The people will come and go but their memories will remain.

Crying over the loss of people,
Thinking of how it would have been better!

It won’t let her anywhere,
She should realize it,

Sooner or later.


Today, she woke up with a smile on her face,
She had a dream of walking through the waves.

She realized, no matter how successful she becomes,
It is the inner peace that matters.

Not a lot of money, nor a lot of people,
The night sky, happy faces of her parents will make it well.

No matter how far she goes,
She will be back to her happy home,

Sooner or later.


One day, she might have a story to tell the world,
She might have name and fame.

But if she is not happy with it,

What would be the use of them?

Today, she will go to work, she will be happy,
She will be healthy, she will make others happy.

Not because she wants the name or fame,

But because she believes,

When they will talk about her tomorrow,
The memories will bring smile on the face.

Everyone deserves to be happy,
And it lies within themselves.

In a small house, or in a hut rather,
She will find happiness,

Sooner or later.

An unfortunate explorer of life, a keeper still awaiting to be kept.
The mystery girl, with different view towards everything and everyone.
Writer by passion and obsession, dreamer of positivity.