Already started judging my upbringing by reading what I wrote above? To be honest, I’m least bothered and yes! This is how I have been brought up. I’ve never been taught by my parents or teachers to Respect a Gender or Age or Financial Status.

Its always good to Respect people based on who they are and the way they behave with others around them. Especially the ones who are less fortunate than them. Its quite stupid to just treat a lady good just because she is a woman irrespective of the fact that she mistreats you every now and then.

Unlike always, going by my own example, I’ll never respect my uncle who treats his family members well but does not care about his behaviour when speaking to the servant or a waiter at a hotel. Or I’d never respect a man who treats everyone good but keeps abusing his wife in front of everyone. I’ve already dumped a lady who never bothered to respect her parents or people around her and I’ve said it on her face that I had zero respect for her. Instead I’ll respect the security person at my office who welcomes me every morning with a smile though sometimes he gets mistreated by some people who find themselves too superior. Or I’ll respect that friend who is staying away from her family and managing her life and expenses on her own to make ends meet. Moreover she handles all my crazy antics on her all the time without getting angry.

People need to get out of this stupid mentality of Respecting someone just because they’re Elder or Richer or are of the Opposite Sex. Moreover nobody has an answer to “Why should we respect someone just because they were Born Before Us/have More Money than Us/Have a Vagina?” So till then, better respect the person rather than Age or Gender or any such Materialistic stuff.

Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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