It’s quite an edgy topic that I’ve chosen to write about this time but my main motive here is just to give my opinion on why I don’t believe in the concept of having a religion. I’m not here to offend people of any caste or religion in anyway. It’s something they all are good at doing it to one another already.

There are approximately 1600 religions around the world at this very moment and all of them trying to teach the same thing which is keeping Peace. Yet none of them have ever been able to achieve peace. The reason being that all of them trying to prove that they are superior or cleaner to one another.

Apart from that they’re all busy in looking down upon people who do not follow their beliefs and our so called “God Men” are all busy making people believe so. Just go through the comments in a Religious Post on any Social Media and you’ll see what I’m trying to say.

Since I’m from India, we’ll talk about two religions always locking horns which are Hinduism and Islam. There are places where they have a LOC within their cities because they don’t want the sound of Azaan to go out of that point. Women are not allowed to wear Hijab. There’s a beef ban. I mean it’s okay to kill a cow and make a leather jacket out of its skin rather than eat it.

Even our Muslims are not far behind. There are areas where our highly Respected Maulana Saheb shout at the top of their lungs for no reason and ask everyone to stay away from Kuffars (Non-Muslims) because they’re unhygienic, their women are not the right ones and they stab you in the back any day. According to them, if you’re a Non-Muslim then you’re straight away going to Hell.

If these guys had ever read their Holy Books correctly then they would have realized that God has never given them or any Human Being the right to declare someone a Kuffar (Non-Muslim). Nowhere it is mentioned that you ban people of certain religion or their practices from a city and ask them to stay within a boundary.

Funny part is that even the most educated Men and Women leave their brains outside these Holy Places with their footwears before entering and believe everything just because the person on the mic there looks more educated and Godly then everyone else around. I’ve had my personal experience of visiting a Mandir, Masjid and a Church and listen these great speeches myself which are mostly violent rather than peaceful. This has been the reason why I stopped believing in the concept of a Religion.

I do believe in God which does exist. He is the creator of the world and the people and he has created only two types of people: The Good ones and the Bad ones. They exist in all caste, color and religion. Instead of listening to someone its better you listen to yourself and you’ll find God within yourself. There is God within each one of us, even that rag picker on the street. Try giving that person something to eat sometime and the happiness and positivity you feel from within is the most spiritual feeling ever and you do not need a Maulana or Pandit to light that feeling in you.

Spend time with your loved ones. Make sure you do not hurt people around you. Make someone smile. Do something for your parents. They are the ones because of whom you exist today and when you see them happy just because of you then you’ll believe in the existence of God and there is No Religion that you need to follow to do all this. All the holy books try to teach peace and humanity but the only Religion that should exist in this World is Peace and Humanity itself. If you find someone that makes you smile and happy and shows you the correct path then you will experience God in that person and if you be the reason for someone’s happiness and success then they’ll experience God in you and it keeps on changing because God does not exist in just one person. God exist in each and every person and at each and every place.

Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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