This blog can bore you cause it’s nothing but an honest confession of mine!So, before I start, I don’t know who you are exactly, but the way you’ve judged, the way you’ve scripted about me, take my suggestion dude,you should apply as a scriptwriter for some flop tollywood movies!

Why do this happen mostly that people don’t have the guts to speak on my face about me? I mean, isn’t it way more interesting than gossiping in my back? Or, someone is paying you for this backstabbing thing?
What my problem is I go frank and friendly with random people and I don’t judge anyone and if I ever find out something is wrong, or something is hurting me, I prefer clearing it out on face in person!  But what I get back in return is endless fake gossips.
Firstly, Bro, am I that much important or rather interesting that I am hovering around in your mind 24/7?
Second, to be frank with random people, do I need to UNHOOK my bra? Do I talk that much boring?

Before judging me, remember one thing, if you know me personally, I do the same also and hence, I know a lot of secrets about you but I never said that you’re a bad person even though I know you’ve hooked up with random people. It’s your life and you rule it on your own.

I just wonder how those people can consider me to be a “SLUT” who needs new partners to sleep with every hour!! Or maybe, you are just jealous that most of the people find me interesting to talk to,not you, and my parents and my love has full faith in me,but your “temporary partners” don’t.

Being in co-ed school for 7 long years and then again getting back there after 5 years, has made me comfortable amongst boys and hence I am friend with them, I like roaming around with them, sitting with them, discussing sports with them, and to do that I never needed to sleep with any! RATHER I HAVE SEEN HOW YOU HAVE ENDED UP TAKING ALL THE GIRLS/BOYS YOU HAVE BEEN FRIENDS WITH TO YOUR BEDROOM. And I pity you for missing so many important events and interesting matches for you partner who doesn’t even have any sense regarding this!

Whether one dick satisfies me or not,it’s clearly none of your business, and yes I have a class and hence I didn’t sleep with someone with a huge tummy and small dick(probably no dick)like you(WINK).
Yes, I shout in public, I mess up things, I hold friends’ hands in public, I kiss my baby in public(not only in dark room even if she’s your so called sister or a random colleague) and HENCE I AM CHARACTERLESS!

So, HATERS,I welcome you with an warm hug, and I love you all for making my life this much interesting.
Oh, and thanks for giving me the new topic to write!

An unfortunate explorer of life, a keeper still awaiting to be kept.
The mystery girl, with different view towards everything and everyone.
Writer by passion and obsession, dreamer of positivity.