Is it only me????

Whenever someone stops me from doing something or rather orders me not to do something. I try to do that thing only. Not because I want to make them angry or not because I want the other person to be disrespected. I just want to let the other person know that I know what is good for me and what is not.

There is a simple understanding about knowledge. If I know something is bad.. Why would I do that. Mmm…. Okay this young generation and crazy minds wants to do everything.. May be for once or twice or for one month or for few years only. But I know that I have the potential – if i have started something just for fun or just for craziness then i should have the potential to stop it. Like i will share a real life story with you. 

Once i saw my best friend smoking a cigarette.. I thought it is so cool.. i will also try. I tried to smoke one cigarette named as BLACK. I did not even smoke that full cigarette. I threw that. I started coughing immediately after that. Hence I started giving advice to my friend that he should not do that. He should not smoke. He told me that it is just for fun. So it was all cool because I knew that he has the power to quit that. well.

Months passed and then i started to do a job in a renowned IT company where after the training period i started to smoke just because the breaks there is meant to have chaai Sutta (tea and cigarette) with colleagues. i started it twice a day thrice a day. It was going fun.. We used to stretch our breaks to have one more cigarette… Me and my friend both used to empty three full boxes in a day. Then suddenly after few months i realized that I am smoking 10-12 cigarettes a day which was very dangerous. I realized this after 15-16 months. My lips has already been turned black at that time. So I thought this is the time to stop this addiction otherwise it could cause dangerous diseases like cancer and all. You might laugh.. But this is how all the big diseases are born.


Cigarette smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths each year in the United States. This is nearly one in five deaths. That’s big. 



Where as in India – According to the World Health Organization (WHO), India is home to 12% of the world’s smokers. More than 10 million die each year due to tobacco in India. According to a 2002 WHO estimate, 70% of adult males in India smoke. Among adult females, the figure is much lower at between 13–15%.




No one knew in my family members that I used to smoke – so if something happens – i might loose my life as well as a trust of my parents which would be a very bad scenario for me.

 Just thought about the negatives at that moment and decided to quit. But while working in pressure it was becoming like a necessity. I must have one cigarette otherwise i will not be able to work properly. All of this shit was going in my mind. So I could not quit. I decreased the quantity though… I used to smoke 2-3 in a day… While thinking that i really need to quit this habit.

Again few months passed by and i am still in the same position… I was still smoking.

Sometimes I was smoking because of work pressure or sometimes because of the bad phase in my love life. I even wrote this beautiful but sad quote in my page in Instagram… This is one of my favorite quote 


I could not stop smoking… I was smoking 4-5 per day… And again a sudden realisation that it has been more than 2.5 years in this job and this is not something which I expected. 


One fine day – i realised that there is something wrong happening with me. I was turning weak. I could not walk for long. I had problems in using stairs to go to first floor in my office. My foot and joints were paining. My stomach was bad… Had loose motions as well. No idea what was going on. I searched in internet and found an article which stated this. 



I was scared….. I took an off from my work, went to doctor and he asked me to do some different type of blood tests. When I explained him my problem – the doctor told me there is a calcium deficiency. He gave me a medics for calcium and as well as medics for gastric issues. Tests reports were out after two days. The doctor told me that – vitamin D is 75% less than what it should be in the body according to reports. The reason was somehow related with my night shifts and cigarette. Vitamin D is obtained via sunlight but i used to sleep during day time.. But that was a smaller part.. The main cause was smoking.

I realised the urgency and This time i left smoking. Yes I FUCKING LEFT THE CIGARETTE. I decided that I will not go the cigarette shop… Started having green foods and veggies.. More of chicken as well 😌 

 It has been more than 2 months now without a cigarette smoke and i feel fresh once again. By the way doctors did prescribe me medicines and now i am fine. I still go for breaks outside to cigarette shops as well but i don’t smoke.

That’s a type of achievement for me.

Why did I share this story with you all?

I wanted to tell you all – its very tough to leave an addiction but if we really want to – we can. We can leave our addiction any time any day. Why to wait for something bad to happen.

” Self Realization is the best thing which has happened to me “

I had not shared this story with any one because no one knows that I used to smoke apart from the people with whom I have smoked previously and my office colleagues. 

You should always know the difference between what is good and what is bad for you. If you believe in yourself and you are confident of your will power  then you’re the best.

That’s all for now. Will meet you all again in my next blog. Do comment and let us know if you have ever wanted to get rid of an addiction and don’t forget to like the blog. Till then good bye. 

Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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