I am bad at maintaining relationships. Everything goes fine for the first week and then I start losing interest in the other person.

My perspective is – it’s not bad to know a person and when the person is of the opposite gender – we do generate feelings for them automatically. The question is – for how long can you sustain that feeling? For how long can you keep the same feeling?

What normally happens – when two new people meet – they show their good sides of themselves to the other person. Whereas the bad side of their life is kept hidden or not being shown. It applies to me as well. I show the best part of me when I meet someone new. I think it’s human nature.

There is a famous saying which asks a question to this new generation – How long is forever?

We make promises to someone during the start of a relationship because it’s a good phrase that is going on. You’re enjoying each other’s company. You start comparing your relationship with other couples. Starting from the dress of the other couple which they are wearing till the color combination of their shoe. Everything gets compared and obviously you choose yourself to be way above them because you see other couples fighting as well whereas you are still in your good phase.

Similarly – when I was in my second relationship with a girl (after 2 months being in the relationship) we were comparing ourselves with a couple who were together for 13 years. Bit strange? Sounds weird? – we all do this.

I don’t know sometimes my friend calls me a hookup guy. I have been in 5 relations in the last three years. The maximum length of a relation was 1.5 years and the rest 4 were just for 2-3 months.

I am bad in maintaining relationships. 2

I have been in a one-sided love affair as well. You know there is a kind of love which you do not get a chance to be a part of however you know if a chance would have been given to you – it would have succeeded for sure and would have run a lifetime. Is it called love? I don’t know. I still have feelings for her however she is with someone else. Living happily. She’s in a relationship with a boy for more than 3 years now. I do not want her in my life because she’s happy with someone else. I can’t destroy someone else’s life for my sake.

But why did I leave the ones with whom I was in a relationship?

I was not happy with any one of them. To some extent the girl with whom I was for 1.5 years – that relationship was good however I was just stretching it forcefully thinking that I will be able to maintain it for a lifetime and trying to keep the promise which I made during the good phase of my life. But I failed. We all fail at some point in time in our life. I failed here.

I don’t know if you would agree with me on this or not. Money is also one of the important parts of a relationship. If you have money – you would be able to keep her happy with your surprises, dates, movies, birthday plans, festivals, Christmas, new year, etc. etc.

If you don’t have money or the money which you earn is just enough for you and your family – you would not be able to maintain your relationship on a high and happy note. It’s my point of view.

I have read something recently on Facebook which says this –

you don’t need to be a superhero to get the girl

The right girl will bring out the hero in you

I am bad in maintaining relationships. 3

If this is true, then I have yet not met anyone who can make me grow as a person and bring out the best in me.

Do you know one stranger thing?

Whenever I don’t want to be in a relationship – I just don’t speak with the person at all. I don’t give any explanation to anyone. I don’t answer phone calls, don’t reply to texts. Ignore the person when she comes in front of me.

In the last 5 relationships – I have yet not blocked any one of them still. No idea why!!!  I don’t know what I’m up to and what should be done.

What I know is – no relationships for the next year at least…. since I’m very bad in maintaining relationships.

That’s all for now. Goodbye, and Take care. See ya!!!!

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