A girl asked me this question.

“How would you like – if you come to meet yourself someday? “

I replied – I would never want to meet myself.

The girl asked me the reason but I was unable to answer this to her.

It led me to write this blog. I was thinking at the back of my mind why I would never want to meet someone who is just like me.

Not only look wise but also behaviour wise. I am not at all good in nature. I abuse people swiftly, I smoke cigarettes, weed, I get drunk at nights. I am high – 6 days a week. I can’t keep anyone happy around me. Why would I want to meet myself?

Only I know what is going on in my head, I would never want someone to treat me the same way I treat others.

I remember when I was a kid… After passing the 4th standard.. Where the primary schooling gets converted into secondary education.
The first day in 5th standard – first period – class teacher enters – we all are wishing her a good morning in a musical tone. If you can relate to this… Read this in the same way –
Gooooooooooooooddddd moooorrnniinnnnnggg maaaam.
When she replies good morning and asks us to sit down. We all sit down by saying
Thaaaank youuu ma’am…

Can you relate to this?

So the first day in 5th standard – the class teacher asks me my name, my interests, do I like cricket or not… Etc etc
She asked me to tell – what would I like to be in future. I had only a few answers in my mind – Doctor, engineer, cricketer and pilot. Since the other boys were saying the first three. I was left with the option of being a pilot.

During that time ‘choosing’ something was so easy… It’s so tough at this stage of life.

I was a really cute little kid. I did not even know what to study for being a pilot… still without wasting anyone’s time in the classroom I chose being a pilot and that conversation ended there.

If you compare that kid with the present me. There’s a difference of hell and heaven.

But I have an answer to the question. “how would you like – if you come to meet yourself someday?”

Answer – “I would like to meet the small little cute kid rather than meeting the present me.”

How would you like - if you come to meet yourself someday? 2


What do you think?
Do you think your past small kid face was better or the present matured adult is better? Which one would you like to meet?