It’s always so sought after idea that a guy is always the one to make the first move when it’s sex. But has anyone ever given it a thought, that a girl could have needs to.

She might not always be happy in one place or with one person. She might have needs, which takes more than one person to fulfil. She might be judged for this, people may think she is no less than a slut, but it is sometimes what makes her happy.

Dealing with multiple partners seems more easy than to deal with the burden of emotional drama.
She had one guy in mind whom she liked, he was responding too. They both went out with each other couple of times. He didn’t make the first move, she did. They got drunk one day, and she was already high. He tried to get a cab and drop her home to her place but she insisted to go his instead. He had no options, he liked her too.

He asked the cab to take U-turn to his place, and they reached within 15 minutes. He gave her some water, caresses her hair. Suddenly she was looking at him in a strange way with half dizzy eyes and he was lost unable to understand what was happening as it gave him chills the way she looked at him.

Her hands held his, and she came closer to kiss him, but to her horror he pushed her away and stood up. He didn’t say a word and looked away from her, she tried to hold his hands again, but he jerked it off.
His heart was beating faster and so was hers, suddenly she understood what had happened and she felt embarrassed. She was already back in her senses and there was an awkward silence. He gently held her and tucked her into bed and he slept on the sofa down the hallway.

Next morning she woke up and tip toed out of his apartment. Neither of them called each other ever again, she deleted his number.
They used to ignore each other whenever they came across as they shared common friends. She was confused that why he pushed her away. She was attracted to him not like the way he was to her. He wanted to wait and take it slow, but she never wanted the same.

Did it ring a bell!! She felt unwanted, and somehow her confidence just took the backseat. He did owe her an explanation she thought, he was the first guy who had actually denied her of sex, and she was taken aback as before him she had absolutely no difficulty whatsoever to sleep with whichever guys she wanted.

She was cool with them not calling back and she too didn’t want to be bothered with strings attached or emotional baggage, but his was a different situation. It hurt her EGO and she felt less in front of him and somehow she thought she was weak…..
He was shocked too that how did she make the first move and he didn’t expect this at all. He thought he would tell her how he liked her and that he is thinking about them like a long term plan….But as they say Girls too can make the first move, and it’s just a taboo that girls don’t have needs, they do and sometimes more than guys.


This is just my opinion, about girls making their first move and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. But what do you guys think of this? Let me know in the comments below.