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What is success?
How does it feel to be successful/famous or rich?
How does It feel like to be one of the best?

Disclaimer: This is not a place, where you will make millions in one day, as many of the blogs claims. I am just sharing my thoughts and feelings that I have towards success.

Every people have different perceptions of success, different opinions of being rich and famous.

Some are happy people earning hundreds of dollars, whereas some of us are making millions and are still unhappy.
Some people are happy and consider them successful if they are having a happy and healthy family.
Some are happy with their honest and ethical lifestyle. These are just some of the examples of the perceptions we all have.

Even I have a different perception of success, I think success means if we are happy doing what we do in daily life, we are fuckin successful. Even if we have loads of money and secure financial backup or a happy family, then also many people are unable to do whatever they want, so this brings down to a point, are we happy?

One of the famous quotes by Bob Dylan:
“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.”

Many of us keep our steps back, thinking about the amount of frustration and the amount of humiliation we will have to face if we fail in our dreams. I would tell all of you, please try to follow your dreams as much as possible.

Do not think about success so much that it takes you near to the failure. Even many of my friends didn’t support this idea of writing blogs and they came up with various alternatives and stupid fuck ideas, but I chose this one, following my heart and passion.

You will have to be an asshole sometimes, you may have to upset the people whom you love the most. When you set an ambitious goal, people around you will try to get you in the small box that they are in right now. You should be ready to deal with the negativity of the people.

You will also have to be ready to come out of your small box and the comfort zone that you have created for yourself. Most importantly, you should be ready to change yourself, if required.

I know reading my 5-10 minutes blog won’t change your complete perception or getting to inspire you so much that you start following the way your heart wants towards your passion.

Another famous quote by Robert Kiyosaki:
“Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.”

All our dreams are shattered by our own fear, which we are not able to overcome. Most of us are not working on the idea that we had because of the losses that we might have to suffer, if we go ahead and pursue the dream, we have.

Some of us are not pursuing the dream for the fear of the society and some of us are just holding ourselves back because of the current situation that we are stuck in and waiting for the right time.

Google is the only one to know all our dreams, and thoughts because of the research that we did, and kept it only within google. Remember the fact, you will never get the perfect time to start your plan nor you will a ready path for the success. You will have to invest your time and everything that you must reach the place you want and desire.

A famous quote by Steve Jobs:
“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”

We often get jealous (anxious, apprehensive, attentive, envious, possessive, protective, suspicious you can google some more words that you might think will be enough to hide that from the world). It’s a known fact, that we humans tend to get jealous very often when someone around us succeeds. We also get inspired sometimes.

Please keep in mind, it takes years of hard work and hundreds of sacrifices to become successful, like truly successful, there is no shortcut or workaround for the same. This is the right time to start what you have been thinking to start and complete the same. Whatever looks like a shortcut to success, there is something hidden behind it, do not fall for any such trap or have illusion.
Saying this I will be ending my post here.

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