It’s been more than 6 years since I’ve been working in BPS Industry. I’ve heard people say that it’s not a respectable job and you don’t earn well, but I’ve got a completely different opinion about BPS Jobs. To be honest, I started working in BPS because I just wanted to make sure that I’m not jobless which is my biggest fear in life. Even I had a plan to go for something related to Electronics Engineering later-on because that’s what I had studied. But the minute I spoke to people on the other end, I fell in love with the work I was doing. I started getting a kick out of my work which according to me is the most important thing. If you don’t enjoy what you do, then you’re wasting your time.

Since then I’ve been working for BPS Sales, Customer Support and many such processes. I’ve shifted my role from being an Advisor to an SME to an Escalation Handler to a Compliance Auditor and I’ve loved each role. I have switched between different shifts and loved doing nights.

For people who think that BPS is not the right job or underpays you have either not worked in a BPS or don’t know anything about the BPS Industry or are completely stupid. I have been working here in a completely different city staying all by my own and I quite efficiently make my ends meet saving a lot more than I imagined. Talking about the work culture, there are good and bad people everywhere you go. I was fortunate enough to work with just the good ones. Apart from this, you speak to different people from different countries every day which the toughest part is. You don’t know what their mindset is. Some of them use abuses and racial comments on you but you continue helping them out. I don’t know about everyone but most of the BPS Employees have the highest level of patience. Above all this, the feeling you get when you help someone and resolve their issue is beyond words. When you get a kick out of that feeling then you are made for the BPS industry.

On a personal level I have been on a roll since working for BPS. You’ll never hear me trash talk about any of my workplaces because if it was not for those places, I would have been maybe sleeping in a park on a bench. I love to speak to people to get to know their problems and help them out. Not just the customers but also my colleagues. I do take shortcuts, but I make sure I do not let my customer go empty handed. It’s not just because I know where the problem lies and what best I need to do to get it fixed. It’s also because I know how it feels when there are people around but you’re still helpless.