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Thank you everyone for reading my blogs, and sharing your thoughts with me, it really means a lot to me.

If you are on this page, you need a tight hug and someone to tell you that “you are awesome”. We all go through a phase in our life, where no one likes us or love us. Even if someone is with us, they are completely dissatisfied with us. I can guarantee you, you will not be able to figure out the real reason why is it like that?

This is not the first time, that I am having this kind of feeling or understanding. This is with me since the beginning. I am not quite sure, what I need to do to improve my worth or to improve the way people looks at me.

I am quite successful and financially strong, but when it comes to mental satisfaction, I am lagging far behind. I thought I was the only one, then I spoke to my friends, and discovered the fact, that everyone is feeling the same some way or the other. That’s when I decided to write about it.

Most of us live with our family, and all the family members are particularly upset with us, For instance, our parents, our better half/partners. Every single one of the ones we love are dissatisfied with us. If you go ahead and talk to them, you will see there is no actual problem, they are upset because of very petty issues, which we have ignored.

In this situation, we can’t ignore human mind, where we want more and more. We humans are not satisfied with anything and everything. The more we have, the desires increases. The more we love our partner or family members, the expectations increases. When the expectation increases it also increases disappointment and heartbreak. The near opposite of satisfaction is disappointment, which almost always occurs from holding unrealistic expectations.

The people who are satisfied spend less time judging why things don’t work out and spend more time being grateful for the rare times when they do. Self-aware, they recognize their own limitations, which helps them to accept that everyone else is less than perfect, too. Their ability to realistically assess another one’s skills, potential, and desire helps them appropriately apply effort and energy, so everyone can exceed expectations.

I have checked the issues with every single point of view available, and I came to conclusion, that is point of view of the other people. For example, things which we have ignored thinking that this is a petty thing, and we consider ignoring, that’s where the main issue starts. Adding up to this point, we do that when we are caught up in our own ego’s quest to somehow coddle and empower our own feelings, thoughts and experiences.

Sometimes we are just being arrogant. We consider ourselves more knowledgeable because our competences seem very real in our minds while others are unknown territory. We underestimate others, but we have no idea how extensive they might be.

The second thing to consider over here is an open discussion. These issues can be resolved talking to each other. Be it family member or partner, if we go ahead and talk to the person, even it doesn’t resolve the issue completely, it eases the situation.

We all have many problems in our life, and we cannot afford to have these extra issues which takes our attention it doesn’t deserve. So, we need to settle things down, before it becomes serious and reaches a point where we break down and develop a rude version of ourselves.

I know it is very easy to say something like these, but very hard to follow but we have to start it in some point of time, so that we don’t lose our energy and the people we love.

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Have a nice day ?