The first time when they saw each other none of them was aware of the fact that they will be so much in love.Yes, she hated him when she saw his face. She rejected to talk to him. But he was a stubborn fellow and he knew she was the one. He didn’t give up. He spread the magic on her, his collection of words became her  favourite novel. He became the irresistible to fall for.

He was full of mistakes but he felt great to be corrected by her only. Probably he committed the mistakes intentionally to go more close to her and yes he was successful. He became the only person she felt comfortable to share her misdeeds with. He became the one to hold her hand when everyone else left. Together they didn’t let any barrier tear them apart. She loved watching football, and he loved playing. They both used to support the same club and that brought them closer. She was a chef, he was a foodie, She was a singer, he was the listener.

Before he let in, she never loved to have surprises, before he came in, she used to hate chocolate. But he made her fall in love with them. She never wanted to have pizza, but with him she started loving it.

He never knew the true meaning of loyalty, but she succeeded to teach him without giving a single lecture! He never had the fear of loosing any, but a small distance between them started shaking him.
With her, he could share everything but he was not going to share her with any.

He was mad for her aroma, and she used to hate when he put perfumes! He had full faith on her choice of clothing for him, she knew he’ll be upset if she would go out without kohl. She used to hate make ups, but loved to get ready for him and he always appreciated her efforts of getting ready for him.

They both were perfect for each other with each other,  with hell lot of imperfections. YES, THEY WERE IN LOVE!?


An unfortunate explorer of life, a keeper still awaiting to be kept.
The mystery girl, with different view towards everything and everyone.
Writer by passion and obsession, dreamer of positivity.