A day when everyone in your friend list starts acting as they know you very well, the day when you were born. What is so special about this day?

For me, it is one more reason to celebrate life. But do we need a day to celebrate life? That’s a question.

Nowadays when Facebook sends me a notification about birthdays. I don’t open them. I don’t check out whose birthday it is. I remember the dates of my special close ones. That’s it. I have more than 800 friends on Facebook. I can’t wish everyone on their birthdays.

I have a few friends who text me only on my birthdays. These Facebook friends belong to that category whom you haven’t met for ages…  You think they have forgotten about you… Boom…  You receive a text from them wishing you a happy birthday and saying all the good things about you. Where were you for the last one year and 365 days…? If you check their history they are sending you happy birthday text for a few years now and they don’t speak anything in between that.

Happy Birthday to you 2

One of the most difficult parts is to react or comment on each and every post which has been made for your birthday. I just hate how many times I have to write THANKS to everyone.

On this day everyone becomes a writer. There will be 2 -3 friends who will write an essay on me. I was soooo special to them. I didn’t know about this.

Happy Birthday to you 3

There will be a few crazy ones as well. They will post the most idiotic photo of yours. The photo in which you are looking horrible. They will insult you badly in those posts and make fun of you. These are the same group of people who reacts “haha” on all your posts. Even if you are uploading your own profile picture or a picture of yours with someone else or any meme. They will react “haha” on everything.

Happy Birthday to you 4

Believe me… These kinda people are special and rare. If you don’t get angry on them for such posts then you’re the true friend and you deserve a chilled beer on it.

Once you are done partying or spending your whole day doing nothing. There comes a stage where you have to write a special paragraph saying THANK YOU to everyone who wished you on your birthday. Would you just give a one-liner or a big paragraph? The decision is yours.

Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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