A pretty sensitive topic for our 101st post I selected today. And everyone must be wandering, why happiness is sensitive? 

Well, the answer is simple. Every emotion we go through is sensitive for an individual. Especially, when it comes to something called, happiness, isn’t it the most important one? We are all in the racecourse of life where our ultimate goal is to achieve happiness. All that we want is to be happy and everyone around us to be happy. But did anyone of us actually try to be happy? 

Does anyone actually know what gives them the happiness? Does being surrounded by hundred people makes you happy or being with one person who knows the real you makes you happy? Is it even important to have someone around you all the time to make yourself happy? Why can we not be self-sufficient enough to be happy with our own-self?

Maybe if we stop defining happiness with just one perspective, we can all be happy and see everyone around us are being happy! There are people who would prefer going for a party on the weekend, lots of loud music, drinks and friends make them happy. But they should definitely not judge the one who is staying back at home and preparing own tea and reading favorite novel or watching a movie alone. Do not think that those people does not have a life. Maybe you are in crowd of those thousands and still not happy but still thinking you have a life. But trust me, the one who is alone and doing own kind of things, might be happier. 

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There are people, whose dream vacation would be going to Goa with friends and having unlimited booze and music, but there are people too who just want to sit at Marine Drive with a cup of tea and earphones plugged in with soft music on. Both of them have a life and for both of them happiness is different. Going out could be as much fun as staying back at home is. Its just, different people and different opinion and choice. There are thousands of girls who likes to go out and work and earn, there are thousands of guys who likes to be at home and cook. Trust me, none of them are boring. 

Having a life doesn’t only mean having a lot of friends, having a life, could be with only one friend or could be with parents also. Just because you have an unidirectional way to think, does not really mean the other people who does not follow your path are unhappy or boring.

Rather than judging the other person, lets try finding what makes your own-self happy. Do you really feel good going out in a lot or do you still feel lonely when you are in a lot? Are you really happy with what you are doing or is it just a curtain on your eyes to make your social media look more happening? 

If my opinion matters, trust me, our needs change with time. Today you might be a party freak and tomorrow you might feel like sitting at home with your pet and having a good tea. Find out your need. It is okay to be different. It is more important to be happy in your own way. Your way might be different, it might seem awkward to others and also to you initially, but once you find out that you are happy, trust me NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!

Let us know in the comment section what makes you happy. Think of it and do it folks. Cheers.  :-D

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