We’ve mostly seen some awesome friendship stories in Movies or on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Its been about two years ago when I came across these guys and was blessed with something that I had been missing all my life.
We never realised when working together became so much fun that we became a family that we called as “Hanuman Sena”. I don’t know who named it but it was named after a God because there was no greed, no hidden motives and no bad intentions between anyone of us. There was equal amount of love respect among all of us though we were mostly all famous for being a foul-mouth to others and ourselves but its as they, “Greater the friendship, higher the profanity, dirtier the insult.” So I’ll let you guys meet my gang here.

Hanuman Sena: All about Brotherhood 2

I’ll start with Rajesh himself whom most of you guys know. The one and only person I’ve ever met who always gets aroused by just saying Counter Strike. Everyone will agree when I can say that even of the world is against us, he’ll be the one always with us.

Hanuman Sena: All about Brotherhood 3

Then its Augniv. The guy full of shit because he only has toilet humour. Moreover he eats like crazy. Make augniv do anything among singing, dancing, making stupid sounds, imitating someone, he will do it.

Hanuman Sena: All about Brotherhood 4

We’re both Straight btw.

Animesh Gupta! I never got a chance to thank him for dealing with all my racist comments on him and still not getting mad at me. To be honest he’s one of the best and the most emotional guya I’ve ever met. Yeah and he’s always scared.. Even to jump into a swimming pool with closed eyes. But honestly, I think he’s someone whom I can say that he’s even better than me as a person.

Hanuman Sena: All about Brotherhood 5

The black guy holding the camera😂

Animesh Dey is the most silent guy in the group but never forgets to give his sarcastic comment at the right moment. Walks with his own swag and never fails to cheer you up everytime you meet him.

Hanuman Sena: All about Brotherhood 6

Right in front of you with his most unique way of standing😂

Deep “Chadda” Singh, the Hybrid Sardar. Normally we find Sardars quite like a tough guy and all powered up but he’s not like all of them though he looks like one. Crazy all the time this guy insanely blabbers things around in front of people. But looks best when riding a bullet.

Hanuman Sena: All about Brotherhood 7

Naked Sardar!!😂

Shubham Gupta aka Gochi Gupta aka GoGu. There are multiple nicknames he has. He is someone who takes most of the insults, birthday bumps (even for others) and kisses from us. Youngest among us he is the most loved, pampered and abused one.

Hanuman Sena: All about Brotherhood 8

Sexiest creature in the World!

Speaking of Shubham Gupta, I just remebered Aqtedar Shahid aka Mr.Resolve. Apart from being a big time womaniser (its a rumour) he’s the most ambitious person I’ve ever met. Its been a while since we met and now I’m waiting for him to visit hyderabad which he said will be happening 2months back.

Hanuman Sena: All about Brotherhood 9

Prem Bhai is party animal among us. He’s always the first one to jump in and say “I’m in” every time we plan an outing or a trip or even when we used to go for a break.

Hanuman Sena: All about Brotherhood 10

You always had a bag packed??

Atanu who always looks angry in his pictures but he’s not. He just looks that way. Looks young but he’s a sensible guy. Immature sometimes and dances like theres no tomorrow when drunk.

Hanuman Sena: All about Brotherhood 11

I look so good with the weight loss now.😍😍

Shubham Kumar! A brother, a friend, a guide, a dedicated employee.. I mean he can depress all of them with his calmed down tone. Most chilled out person ever. But he’s God actually and I’m due to meet him since I came to hyderabad which will happen soon now.

Hanuman Sena: All about Brotherhood 12

Chhedo ke Khuda!🙏

They say friendship comes in all shapes and sized. We have Mota Manisha with us. I dont know if anyone have noticed this about her or not but apart from eating, she also gives the best advise. I remember being confused about resigning from my job and I went to her. The way she spoke to me gave me a clear vision of whats best for me. Usually girls tie rakhi to their brothers but I had tied rakhi to her for this.

Hanuman Sena: All about Brotherhood 13

Fat Lady in the Middle

Sharhin aka Sharhin Sarkar aka Gareeb has always been an irate advisor. She hates me for always being a pain to her with all my blabbering all the time. I remember the funniest thing that has happened with her was when she got just 10% of her salary because of not raising her leaves and since then we ca her Gareeb(Poor Person). But shes the richest one when it comes to being kindhearted though a bit irritated all the time. Shes shouted at me and beaten me up multiple times. There were times when I even got angry with her but she’s one of those women who I respect the most. Moreover shes the luckiest among us. I’ll tell ya why…

Hanuman Sena: All about Brotherhood 14

She still got irritated.😝

Mainak Sarkar or Mainak Seraj! The reason that Sharhin is the luckiest. He’s the most loyal person I’ve ever seen. I never said this but I look up to you for being a Loyal Guy. Craziest SRK fan ever. Moreover people might be taking inspiration from Arnold and Sylvester Stallone but he’s been our inspiration for working out. Says unexpected things that at the wrong time which is his USP.

Hanuman Sena: All about Brotherhood 15

Nazar utarwa lena.

And above all.. Deepak Bhaiya! He’s always been a Father, Brother, Guide and the best manager to all of us. I’ve learnt a lot from him. Especially being cool in tough situations and handling people the right way. Apart from that he’s the coolest person ever because he’s the only one who looks good even in his ten years old pictures.

Hanuman Sena: All about Brotherhood 16

Aap Shaad raho.. Abaad raho.. Bamuraad raho!🙏

I always thought that God has never cared for me. But looking at these guys I think I’m the most blessed person ever. They say we cannot predict the future. Whatever it might bring, I know that these guys will remain with me all the way through highs and lows.

Hanuman Sena: All about Brotherhood 17

Hanuman Sena!❤